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08.04.2019 Feature Article

Pylon Palava

Pylon Palava

I can't think of an appropriate description for any human person who will dare think, let alone go to the extent of translating into action a thought, of downing a pylon. Dastardly schemes of that sort are beyond imagination. No wonder someone thinks felling a pylon should be a 'treasonable offence.'

We all know that, even with pylons, we sometimes experience some variations of dumsɔ such as is happening now. Without pylons, the situation will be dire. A headline like: 'Ghana may soon get electric buses' is realizable with pylons, but definitely not without pylons. The electric bus promise is at a time congress is peddling a return of dumsɔ as ɔsonomma argued uncertainly only for twelve or ten days. I think maybe: maybe not in motion, at standstill, because of procurement or as white elephant.

Anoma kokonekone is the proverbial bird water spoiler which muddies upstream only to come downstream complaining about the muddying and seeking the muddier. Like anoma kokonekone, congress overstretches security with criminal nation wrecking deeds. They then turn round to score points with “we are not safe” propaganda. Just look at how much diversionary work they have created for the security people with the chairperson's 'tape.' There have been things that are bad that they have done (that no one suspected they did) and are still doing, and frighteningly bad things they have planned or would plan to do.

Someone just said that access to electricity by my compatriots has 'gone up only one per cent.' Congress left it at zero. They left the motherland with an unsolvable dumsɔ. They left lots of machines they procured for cuts just to sit idle because there would be no fuel to power them. They had 'chopped' all the motherland's future with criminal contracts that required payment without any electricity supply. Congress in its operations is guided by, among many, motherland killing stratagems, by a belief in: 'Power seeking needs no bounds to mean to grab power.'

They continue to dare decency with the miserably failed 'montie' tactics of insulting compatriots who have worked themselves hard into deserving positions. No chairperson, whose person is worth that title, would mouth a 'kidnapping' talk. Of course, unless it is a congress mouth. If a talk convict sits in a talk shop meeting, such 'chairman talk' should be expected. Imagine the money and resources that are going into investigating bus branding, 60 something million dollar SSNIT, 80 something dollar Cocobod, four million dollar NCA, 25 million dollar Kumasi airport, all chop chops, plus all the other millions of chop chops, including salary 'double double'.

After occupying security and special prosecutor with all that, how much time is left to check any other 'chop chop' and crime? From JB to number 11 and half contract killings, no one knows who among those who talk being better in causing violence could be involved. It is for security to discover. Security resources are overstretched when almost every 'onaapo' appointee has a case to answer, and also time and effort are needed to thoroughly probe kidnapping talk. Finding the evidence to convict, which is far harder than finding facts to inform my compatriots about misdeeds with enough competent personnel and resources to do the actual work of effective protection, is the challenge.

Thankfully, drone technology is available for pylon surveillance. That activity has greater justification for acquiring it. I would want to know the view of the 'gyato softribe' man on that – deploying drones to detect pylon disturbance over the thousands of pylons that ferry current across the length and breadth of the motherland. Unfortunately, drone surveillance would incur extra cost when my compatriots already feel too overburdened with bills to cope with any drone deployment incurred extras.

Serious election watchers are forecasting congress should forget a 2020 win should ɔsonomma succeed in guaranteeing NO dumsɔ all through 2020. On the other hand, if ɔsonomma joke with electricity, they should know 'mouth mouth' congress would be doing a lot of noisy mouthing to drown out whatever positive message they (ɔsonomma) would have.

I heard former power minister say he told an energy minister “so.” The “so” he should have told, which I am sure he didn't, ought to have been that they went on a procurement spree to take all kinds of cuts. That was what mattered to them – cuts. Otherwise, along with his congress colleagues, they would have told how viable their procured production increase was. I challenge him to tell my compatriots today the financial arrangements they put in place to ensure the empty plants they procured would be fueled. There was none! If I were him, I would disclose my assets before, during and after spokesperson/ministerial positions, or I would shut up.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh
Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh, © 2019

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