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08.04.2019 Feature Article

Dedicated to my Spiritual Father, Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Glorious Wave Church Int., Sakumono, Ghana

Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Badu Kobi
LISTEN APR 8, 2019

You are dead while living
“The ‘I’ in us gets destroyed the moment we find it making it impossible to see and understand our very own ‘I’!”

Humans have asked themselves over centuries and cultures alike about fundamental aspects of their existence: the ‘I’ in them being the most important part of our being.

What is it that makes and made me? Why I am on earth? Cannot the world go round and round without me? What intentions are connected to my walking on earth?

What are the tools the ‘I’ has received to make it possible for me to use my body and time given on earth to start somewhere, eventually finishing at another place in another space and time?

Prophets, old and present, can see into us, can tell us our walks on earth, and protect us from evil with their prayers and spiritual interventions. They can see evilness from our families, friends, bosses, and others connected to us. They are capable to see our core mandate given to bring it out for God´s glory and our very own success in life.

We need to ask the best Prophets constantly to assist us in life once we have identified in them the voice from God and the right anointed man of God specifically mandated for us. Their voices are the voices of a Messenger from God. As no Man of God is God himself, even for the most anointed Prophets one limitation is obvious to reveal: what is the ‘I’ in us stays even for them a mystery. This mystery lies in God´s decision to make us, in his plan for us in its entire dimension and will never be revealed to any human being. Infect the most profound and deepest search has the power to mentally, and subsequently, physicals, destroy us, humans. What seems complicated to understand, its fundamentals and implications on our lives, is very simple and obvious.

From the Helicopter perspective over the green lush vegetation of the Amazon basin, all the pilot can see are the endless leaves as far as his eyes can see. Leaves grow, shade away and die for others to be obvious to the eye of ourselves and any other person looking at us. They are the symbols for every moment/experience in our life lived, and the trees carry the juice/energy, the life threads, we need to function as well as being the immediate connection between our outer and inner self that has its roots in our ‘I’. This is the mechanism, the mosaic formation of our personality, we as humans are seen by us and others; a mosaic formation made of our advances in life, our downfalls, our rising up, our priorities and successes.

Leave are connected to the trees having roots in the soil. When we take away all the leaves wanting to see the pure soil in its fullness and completeness, in its purity and truthfulness, we must cut down the trees to come closer and closer to the soil at large. The tree stumps of which are many, block our sight to see the soil, our ‘I’, in its true nature. To examine and understand the ‘I’ we subsequently must uproot the tree stamps. The very moment we uproot the tree stamps, the lifeline for our trees and their leaves, we destroy the soil at once leaving a broken soil, a destroyed place behind.

For that reason, the human is never able to discover the true reason why he was made and for what purpose and destiny but has to struggle a lifetime to run the race keeping his heart beating till the end.

No need to chad tears but to understand that the combination of our own will and revealed talents in certain areas of life can give us a stone that we truly deserve. The moment we accept life´s matters under the guidance of a blessed Man of God and Mentorship of people having gone before us, we are complete as to what he is supposed to be in life. It is well with us!

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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