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06.04.2019 Opinion

Lesson For The Ghanaian Voter

By Kunsaari A. Enbong
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Community Leadership and today's leadership have a big gap no matter how they are explained.

I am getting to feel the heat of how the latter has cost us as a country. It's worth noting that hungry politicians and political parties meander about seeking their own interests to foster their wellbeing.

I am not tempted but I am bold enough to say that once you walk and mistake the right path for the wrong, ignorant hungry descendants of Adam with low key and rather projected high eye Q people will take advantage, plunge into the system to have their share of the national cake.

Am I writing English? No, they are facts. The serpent saw Eve to have weak spirit and she was deceived to eat the fruit of the fig tree and reserved some for her beloved.

In mathematics, there is a topic called correlation and regression which can be directly related in life, that one thing affects the other.

In the face of Ghana, we had the NDC in office from 1992 to 2001 and 2009 to 2016, the NPP From 2001 to 2009 and 2017 to date.

It's good to always draw comparisons and evaluations to be able to value the impact of these two parties.

Though I wear political lens, I wish to allow my lens to take me away into political lies, deceit and backing wrong horses due to my own parochial interest.

My general view of the NPP and NDC in Ghana is that of arrogance, branding mindset, policy oriented Party are peculiar to the elephantious NPP as the NDC wins the value of asumjua (PEACE), duty bound, free zone Party. Definitions of all the attributes mentioned are best known by the academia.

I once read that a leader accepts it when it becomes hard and serve as a buffer to avoid followers from frustrations and bitterness. Drawing and matching the NDC and NPP, once the NPP think we have gold, bauxite, timber, salt etc., we should do cash than cast. On the other hand the NDC feels to teach Ghanaians how to fish than to know how to only eat fish.

FCUBE from J.A Kufuor followed mass establishment of basic schools across the country by J.E Mills which I best describe as 'compound' house schools in 2010-2011. The four- year system in the second cycle schools caused overcrowding in schools and this was cleared by the establishment of dormitories and classroom blocks for Senior high schools by the early Mill's administration. JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA intelligently started the Community day senior High schools which could have been the solutions to the present day free SHS as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

Development aside, let's see how impatient and patience means in the Ghanaian Government. Nana Addo was fast to say he was in a hurry to Start work as President without maybe knowing running a country is like a piece of land that can never go infertile because of constant fertilization and re-fertilization.

He and his entourage seems to still be on the campaign platforms of his 2008, 2012 and 2016 critical elections.

One quality that speaks for a leader is honesty. Of late the word LIES has been the easily mentioned and spelt word in the mouths of most Ghanaians and the media outlets. It's not surprising because the word was born and bred by the NPP when they realized it was the ultimate solutions to the fate that Nana Addo was suffering. All NPP guys across the globe merge up against a single soul called JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA to tarnish his image by calling him all kinds of names and this has a biblical origination where prior to the crucifying of Jesus Christ, he was named by his opponents all names. Today the world is confused for we rather prefer him (Jesus) as God though he can't be. Ghanaians might be in such a dilemma.

In studies, we learnt that he who withstand the people is the true leader. In 2015, John Dramani Mahama accepted we were in difficult times because the power outages at the time cost businesses a lot. That was the time I think a Man like JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA had to forget his succulent Lordina in the night and started to look at the Long term solutions to the energy problems we were facing. This gave birth to ATUBBO gas, Ameri Power, solar plants and a few others that would have served and saved us from such an economic disaster. The doubting Thomas never believed but affirmed to, after seeing the scars of nails on the Palm of Jesus. Today in Ghana, NPP and Nana Addo Government boldly boast of no dumsor because it was cooked for them. The honest Part of it is that nothing magical was done by the NPP to Change the power fortunes of Ghana. The magic they wanted to play was what that deceived the President, an unprecedented and untellable story to hear in Ghana.

Once you don't have the heart to contain your people, you can never seek to serve them after being disappointed by them.

Ghanaians should think of doing something different for the current and future generations, by intentionally bringing the right leaders on board.

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