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06.04.2019 Feature Article

Leaning On Jesus Christ

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Distinguished scientist Michael Faraday was asked by some of his students as he neared death,

“What are your speculations now?” He immediately replied, “Speculations? I have none. I am resting on certainties.” Then he repeated slowly and deliberately, “. . . For I know whom I have believed, and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day” (2 Timothy 1:12).

“My heart and my tongue shall unite in the praise of Jesus my Savior, for mercy and grace; He purchased my pardon by shedding His blood, and bids me inherit the peace of my God.

My lot may be lowly, my parentage mean, yet born of my God, there are glories unseen, surpassing all joys among sinners on earth, prepared for souls of a heavenly birth” (Rowland Hill, Spiritual Awakening).

As Billy Graham said, we ask “Why does God allow fear to grip the hearts of men in this enlightened age? Where is God’s power? Why doesn’t He stop all this misery and cruelty with which this age has been cursed? If God is good and merciful, why are men and women crushed by agonies almost beyond their endurance?”

Such questions, Graham continued, are raised not by atheists and enemies of religion, but also by bewildered Christians who, staggering under the burden of anguish, cry out, “Why must I bear this misery?”

And yet if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we realize that “Christians suffer in order that they might glorify God in their lives.”

Ina crisis it is impossible to get spiritual energy from others. Store it up ahead of time (George Williams quoted in, Till Armageddon).

It is by those who have suffered that the world has been advanced (Leo Tolstoy, quoted in, Till Armageddon).

Unless men of purpose, integrity, and faith stand together in unswerving loyalty to Jesus Christ, the future of the world is dark indeed (Till Armageddon).

Let me make it clear that I would rather be a struggling Christian in an imperfect church than a perfect sinner outside the church (Warren Wiersbe).

One of the church fathers said that the church was something like Noah’s ark; if it weren’t for the judgment on the outside, you could never stand the smell on the inside (Integrity Crisis, author unknown).

Christ does not give us a precept but a Person; not a what but a who; not a code or creed, but His own character. Christ Himself was the standard and that would determine truth. He was the embodiment of truth. He was Truth incarnate.

In the morning, prayer is the key that opens to us the treasures of God’s mercies and blessings; in the evening, it is the key that shuts us up under His protection and safeguard (Billy Graham, Till Armageddon).

God’s way of answering the Christian’s prayer for more patience, experience, hope, and love is often to put him into the furnace of affliction (Richard Cecil 1748-1810).

Our prayer and God’s mercy are like two buckets in a well; while the one ascends, the other descends (Mark Hopkins).

Kennedy Adarkwa
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