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05.04.2019 Feature Article

A Special "Gift" From Naija

A constellation of rich societal values and divine wisdom truly define her nature and name.
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A new "heavenly" oxygen suddenly flashed my face with an ever beaming sweet harmony like a wavelength of flagship moment.

I thought I was on a new planet when she first transmitted a signal of joy and true friendship, until reality portrayed an image of valour, beauty, and unbreakable shield of excellent character and humility.

Sometimes, her demeanor encapsulates and "tunnels" my daily locomotion.

It quadruples my immune system, and keeps me on an outstanding track far above my normal abilities.

The ever beaming posture she bathes me with, makes people wonder if I were experiencing a new season on a newly invented universe.

She's not just a gift from Nigeria; but also a priceless oceanic fountain for the world.

Even when a decade of fully arranged foggy troubles and tribulations visit her abode and inner spirit, she tweets and sings an ever joyful Psalms and hymns to show holy gratitude and Thanksgiving to her Maker.

This mostly perplexes her friends, and even her family, to wonder if she's from a different world; maybe an Angel from the heavenly shore.

Her community and religious group always miss and admire her ever lively compassion, commitment, love, diligence, integrity and her adorable composure and personality.

Her assertiveness and purposive orientation frightens charismatic figures around her territory.

It contaminates and makes them ubiquitous and worried for so long a time.

Her creativity lens visualises very acute bottleneck and instantaneously designs quality and sustainable measures to normalise the situation.

A countless fleet of cars beautifully race from the forecourt of Nigeria and around the globe to her vicinity and celebrate cheerfully and memorably with her, during every eventful celebration of her life.

She's a "Gift" society has ever had, since time immemorial.

A constellation of rich societal values and divine wisdom truly define her nature and name.

Theophilus Quaicoe
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Theophilus Quaicoe
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Mr. Theophilus Quaicoe is also a Global Peace Ambassador, researcher, editor, innovative writer and a Global Change Agent.
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