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04.04.2019 Education

UEW Resumes: The Three Lecturers And The Students Rejoice

By Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
UEW Resumes: The Three Lecturers And The Students Rejoice
LISTEN APR 4, 2019

UEW students are to resume to school on Monday 8th April to continue studies. The V-C, Prof Afful-Broni has asked the academic office to see to how the academic time table could be adjusted to cover courses prepared for the semester. Students received the message with great joy as if to say “we thank you father for this…”

The three lectures who were sacked have been asked to come back to their post. They are to report to their post on 4th April, 2019. There is a considerable smile on the faces of both lecturers and students.

A word to students: Students must note that they are in school to study and not to cause... The sole aim of every student must be to focus on his studies and graduate successfully not only with a good class but with the skills to solve problems of the society for which reason they intended going to school. Again, students must use the appropriate means to channel their grievances to the various heads. Students must note that when they destroy school properties through demonstration, they merely add additional cost to their parents or guardians to pay. Imagine the vandalizing that happened as a result of the demonstration. Who will pay for them to be repaired? You have the answer! Students, do not give anyone the chance to use you as a means to an end. Do not succumb to friends’ advice to cause a demonstration which is intended to destroy the university’s properties. Lastly, learn to control your anger. Do not act when you’re angry because you may destroy what you never intended to. All the best in this semester.

On the whole, we give ourselves, both lecturers and students a big welcome. Let us live in harmony leaving behind what has happened as if they never did and build UEW together.

Writer: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke