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04.04.2019 Press Statement

Writing Examination Questions On Black Boards Is Retrogressive: Moe And Ges Should Sit Up

By IFEST Ghana
Writing Examination Questions On Black Boards Is Retrogressive: Moe And Ges Should Sit Up
LISTEN APR 4, 2019

The Institute for Education Studies (IFEST) takes serious view of the current trend of teachers writing examination question on black boards in some of our basic schools. Such acts are not just retrogressive but an indictment on our quest to provide quality basic education for all children in the country irrespective of their socio-economic background.

IFEST is not oblivious of the fact that capitation grant has been increased to Ghc 10 per child and efforts are being made to ensure that children in public basic schools in the country are given equal access to quality basic education. However, it is evident that, the delay in the payment of the capitation grant emanating from the bureaucratic nature of our public sector is impacting negatively on the delivery of quality basic education to our children.

This situation has resulted in putting enormous pressure on teachers and school administrators and an example of the end result, is what we are witnessing now. What makes this situation scary is that fact that, teachers and school administrators are at their wit ends and overwhelmed with numerous challenges as a result of this challenge.

We call on the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to as a matter of urgency review the process of disbursing the capitation grant to the various public schools and also come out with modalities to guide the collection of levy by Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) rather than abolishing it. Finally, as part of the governments initiative to establish an industry per district, we would advocate for a printing press per district either in partnership with the private sector or solely owned by the government to aid in the printing of these educational materials for the basic schools in that district.

IFEST is committed to ensuring that each child in the country irrespective of their background is given the needed access to quality basic education in Ghana.

Signed Peter P. Anti (Ag. Executive Director).