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03.04.2019 Feature Article

My body is free…my soul captured

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“Human thinking and actions are the products of the opposite!”

Education and life circumstances create and make their marks in our soul, spirit and hearts while on our journey to destiny set for us and decided by our own will regarding the final outcome.

Black and white, good and evil, high and low, honesty and betrail etc. are cornerstones based on which we think and act and choose from out of the variations vibrating between these extremes to decide what is best for us; thinking and acting is like life without gravity and orientation, a jelly pudding unable to move one inch, without opposites to guide us.

Freedom of body and soul/spirit moves along the same principles. While the body is not entirely free as depending on essential resources like food, water and clean air, our soul/spirit likewise are never be completely free, only see various variations of liberalization.

The moment our mother delivers us, we leave her body with complete dependency, spiritually/mentally as well as physically only to see the light and wide open space to live ourselves while midwives, doctors, teachers, bosses and family shape and restrict our ability again to be absolutely free; we get touched mentally/spiritually as well as physically.

As our body is the one of an adult later in life and we are equipped with marks on our soul/spirit, we can only testify that it is this moment in our life that we experience the greatest of opposition giving us a glimpse of absolute freedom. In other words, in the moment of our delivery, we humans are as close to absolute freedom like never again, yet even in these split spiritual seconds cannot grab and understand it due to lack of understanding of life matters and an underdeveloped reflection/consciousness of and about ourselves.

As humans, we are destined never to go back to our roots trapped in relative freedom only, different levels for different people. This format applies to all our fundamental aspects of our human life (Who am I? What is the I in me. What I am meant for?) to find the true, fundamental identity we have been given, once close to it, in the end, will finally be destroyed. Absolute freedom for that reason cannot be found and lived by us.

Doomsday scenario? No, rather the driving force in our life for us to make it from start to finish.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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