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03.04.2019 Business & Finance

Comm Ministry Tackle Deficiencies In SIM Registrations

Comm Ministry Tackle Deficiencies In SIM Registrations
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The Minister Ursula Owusu urged subscribers and Mobile Network Operators to ensure compliance with relevant statutory provisions such as:

-The Subscriber Identity Module Registration Regulation, 2011 (L.I. 2006) , which governs the responsibilities related to SIM registration and mandates the non-activation or de-activation of unregistered SIMs

-Section 73 (a) of the Electronic Communications Amendment Act. 2016 (Act 910) which prohibits the use of SIM cards to terminate international calls as local calls, empowers the NCA to issue directives to MNOs to prevent, detect or disconnect SIMs used for that purpose and makes this illegal termination of calls subject to a term of imprisonment and/or a fine.

-Section 73 (b) of the Electronic Communications Amendment Act. 2016 (Act 910) also criminalises the use of pre-registered SIMs for any purpose and makes it an offence punishable by a fine of not more than three thousand penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not more than five years or to both.

“For the purposes of this section, a "pre-registered subscriber identify module or user identity module ‘means a module that has been registered with the data cf a person other than the person who finally acquires the module for use on a network except as permitted by law,’” the release stated.

The Ministry has assured the general public that it is committed to building a strong, secure and resilient communications industry for the benefit of all citizens.

In that regard, the Ministry says it will ensure the full implementation of all laws on the acquisition and registration of SIM cards.

“We are therefore encouraging all subscribers to verify the current status of their SIM registration by dialling *400# Toll free on any network. Subscribers may also call their Service Providers on 100 Toll Free if they have any issues with the service.”