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02.04.2019 Article

WordDigest: Expressing gratitude to God (2) Obedience

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"If you love me, obey me;" (John 14:15| Living Bible.

The above text states it explicitly loving God. Loving God means obeying His commandments. What are some of His commandments?

1. Love your neighbor as yourself
2. Love your God with your heart, mind and might
3. Go to the world and make disciples of all nation

4. Worship no other god etc...
Abraham lived all his life obeying God. Although imperfect in his journey with Lord, his obedience to God was to the extent of killing his son( Isaac) as a sacrifice for God almighty.

God realised Abraham's faith, obedience and gave Abraham a lamb as a surrogate for his son (Isaac).

Obedience to God is key for inviting His presence around you. Sometimes obedience to God may appear challenging. it is a way of not only showing gratitude to God but drawing the presence of God to yourself.

When Abraham was obedient, God transformed him through his obedience and people treated him with great respect. No wonder he is father of all nations according to the Bible.

God will transform you through your obedience and people will hold you in high esteem.

Be obedient and when you love God, keep his commandments.

God bless you.
Blessed be your name O Lord for glory over the earth. Strengthen us to love and obey your will in Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

✍ Rev. EZ

Ebenezer Zor
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