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Cape Coast Technical University Get Appeals Board To Tackle Challenges

Cape Coast Technical University Get Appeals Board To Tackle Challenges
LISTEN APR 2, 2019

The National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) has instituted an Appeals Board at the Cape Coast Technical University.

The inauguration of the Appeals Board is to help the Technical University deal with breaches of the University Statute and other challenges that militate against the smooth operations of the university.

The Cape Coast Technical University has been going through administration-related challenges coupled with staff upheavals that have gravely affected the smooth running of the school in recent times.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Cape Coast Technical University, Prof. Harold Stewart Amonoo-Kuofi, said the University Council would work hand-in-hand with the Appeals Board to ensure that the President’s vision of industrialisation is achieved.

According to him, it is the aim of the Governing Council to steer the University to respond to the changing dynamics of the educational strategy of the government in order for the university to contribute effectively the wave of industrialisation within the country.

“As the institution evolves from a Polytechnic to a University, Cape Coast Technical University needs to be re-positioned to address stakeholders’ demand for quality technical education and value for money,” he said.

The Council's Chairman was confident that the university would be positioned to address the numerous challenges in meeting government and stakeholder expectations.

He said in order to achieve such aims, it was important to raise the morale of faculty, staff and students and to ensure that an atmosphere of trust and equity prevails on campus.

“This, of course, is contingent on having a reliable dispute resolution strategy,” he said.

Prof. Harold Stewart Amonoo- Kuofi advised members of the Appeals Board to live up to expectation because they have been judiciously chosen based on their rich and vast experience in academics, law and traditional leadership to enable the University to establish and maintain a peaceful and conducive learning environment and forge ahead in development.

The Board among other things is to assist the Council , the management, and the academic board of Cape Coast Technical University in their mission to assure capable and efficient running of the university.

The Council's Chairman summarised the role of the Appeals Board:

“In your role as an Appeals Board, you shall hear and determine on appeal, matters concerning:

a) Acts or omissions in contravention of the Technical Universities Act (Act 922) or the Statutes enacted by the Governing Council of the University; b) Breach of employment contracts by the Technical University;

c) The promotion of persons duly employed by the Technical University;

d) Grievances by students against the Technical University on matters related to the welfare and discipline; or c) Any other matter or dispute referred to you by the Governing Council.

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