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02.04.2019 Liberia

Ellen Brown: An Emerging Heroine on God's Earth

By Clarence S. Duo
Ellen BrownEllen Brown
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In life, there is a time at which every man should come to an area of realization to see mistakes and flaws. The ability of a man to see his mistakes and flaws so as to work on them for the betterment of man's country is authentic, essential, genuine, and paramount to the core.

Throughout my existence, if I'm to be asked whether I have ever gotten a friend that would speak truth to me, then the name 'Ellen Brown' is the name that will surface when I'm giving answer to such question.

The ability of the name Ellen Brown to speak against ills and things that would have the proclivities to cause chaos and disaster in society can never be compared to none.

Ellen, during our conversation on Thursday, March 28, 2019, I said, "Ellen, to be real, you are blessed and you have strong spirit." I also went further by saying, "you will become a great person in Liberia and the world at large." After I had made the statements, you said, " wow, thanks ."

After you replied to my statements, I said, "I will give you the reason/s for which I have said so."

Ellen, with all understanding and focus, at this point, I would like to provide you with the reasons for which I made such optimistic and profound statements pertaining to your life and future.

Ellen, these are five(5) reasons I said,"you are blessed and have strong spirit:"

You are the first female to talk to me and I submitted without providing counterpoints to what you said.

You are someone that whenever you talked, someone just has to listen to what you have said, taking into consideration all factors and variables that you are to provide.

You are someone with high level of spiritedness that has the propensity to bring joy, peace, and stability among people with diverse views.

Whenever you speak, someone is quick to understand your perspective of speech because of how moderate, kind, and magnanimous you are.

Because of your high level of intelligence and discipline, I have seen that you are a natural mediator, counsellor, trusted ally, and above all positive change maker.

Ellen, these are five(5) reasons I said, "you will become a great person in Liberia and the world at large:"

You have decided to take the path that will bring change in Liberia, West Africa, Africa, and the world at large.

Just as you have won my admiration, I know you have won other people admirations. So, for this reason, more people are praying for you per diem.

You have decided to be different among your peers when it comes to pushing ideas positively and constructively for the betterment and advancement of Liberia and our one world.

You are someone that always create space/s for corrections whenever you have made a mistake: and that's what great person does.

From all indications, looking at your commitment, sacrifices, discipline, and steadfastness toward personal growth, personal transformation, and personal empowerment, it has already been confirmed by the Almighty Deity that greatness shall become your portion throughout your existence on earth.

Ellen, each time I think about you, I always get to a place of understanding to know that if we are to forget about the emancipatory struggle for the downtrodden masses, you will be among the females that will start to put on the garments of change so as to lead the struggle from where we made had stopped.

Just as Winnie Mandela, Rosa Parks, and others did, I know you can do and you could even do better.

Ellen, once again, I'm so privileged to become a friend of yours.

Long live our friendship!!!
Long live Liberia!!!