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01.04.2019 Opinion

A Soldier’s Voice Of Reason

By Danny Columbus
A Soldier’s Voice Of Reason

Life has so many uncertainties that man has grappled with since his appearance on this plane called earth and one of such is death. Death is the inevitable visitor that will visit every home and individual but that doesn't mean that we must stay mute even when there are grounds for queries pertaining to a particular situation of demise.

I was surfing the internet as I usually do every day when I came across an “Open letter” addressed to the President and Commissioner of Customs Divisions of GRA by one Staff Sargeant Ganyo Dekpey, a serving soldier of the Ghana Armed Forces, asking very pertinent questions in connection to his wife who doubles as a serving customs officer’s bizarre death whilst on duty for that matter.

I have tried to connect all the dots of this issue but things just don't add up. There seem to be something amiss somewhere and am worried because for an officer on duty to die under such bizarre circumstances leaves much to be desired.

It might seem as though I am just being a busybody who is poking his nose where he shouldn't but you see, we are gradually developing a culture of silence in this country. When an issue arises, many times most of us are numb to the plights of the affected and we leave them to their fate. You will only hear us yelling or screaming when it concerns us or affects us, if not we just sit on the fence unconcerned.

That ” carry your own cross” attitude must stop with immediate effect. What has happened to the wife of this serving Soldier must be investigated thoroughly and brought to finality. All the questions he posited in his open letter must be answered and even more, should be asked by the authorities. No one can tell me that there isn't anything fishy about her death. In the scheme of things, I would have asked even more questions if I was the affected party and I'm sure you would have done the same.

We must endeavor to be each others keeper because our culture is built on communalism. We are a homogenous people by nature, where an attack on a person is the same on one and all but it seems it's dissipating very quickly because of modernity and cosmopolitan living. We have become very heterogenous or indifferent to the plights of others or better still we only pretend to care but it's all meant to create an impression and that is all it is to it.

I, therefore, would want to add my voice to that of the bereaved serving Soldier and would urge the powers that be in this matter to expedite the investigation process to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of this beautiful 40 years old Revenue Assistant Grade 3 officer of the Customs Division.

I would plead with all Ghanaians to add their voices to this story and demand the real facts and not twisted facts of what really happened on the fateful day that RA III RUFFINA GANYO-DEKPEY went to work in the morning as she does always are presented so that the husband can be at peace and indeed she is also a Ghanaian who deserves justice if indeed her death was unnatural.

On this note, I would say as we say in Akan; “DAMIRIFA DUE, DAMIRIFA DUE RUFINA GANYO-DEKPEY”!!!

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