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31.03.2019 Feature Article

An Open Letter To Obor-Invest

An Open Letter To Obor-Invest
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Dear Obor-Invest,

Re: The commercialisation of the production of ecocoboards in Ghana

A Wageningen Research University faculty team, led by Dr. Jan van Dam, has taken its ecocoboard project idea - developed with partner teams in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India - to a stage where the commercialisation of ecocoboards is now finally possible.

It presents your innovative business, with a unique opportunity, which you can explore, and benefit from.

With the right funding sources, well-governed and aspirational African nations that are stable democracies, such as my native Ghana, would be able to establish ecocoboard factories, whose green products, could boost our exports considerably, increase our GDP, and help meet some of the 2030 UN SDGs.

Obor-Invest's intervention will create wealth for Ghanaian entrepreneurs, and their foreign investor partners, and jobs galore, for our bright and ambitious younger generations.

Above all, the availability of jobs created by the ecocoboard production's value-chain, will stop younger generation Ghanaians, from trying to travel illegally to Europe, and to nation's such as Israel, to find non-existent jobs - only to end up becoming a social problem that creates societal tensions in those countries.

Finally, in light of that alone, one hopes that somehow, Obor-Invest will elect to collaborate with Dr. Jan van Dam's faculty team and their partners, to make the commercialisation of the production of ecocoboards, a win-win commercial reality soon.


Kind regards,


Kofi Thompson
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