29.03.2019 Feature Article

Time To Prosecute Murderous Drivers

Time To Prosecute Murderous Drivers
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The recent spate of accidents on our roads needs to be addressed seriously by all authorities concerned with road transportation. It is time to punish murderous drivers when they survive. Many young children have become orphans, school drop outs and near useless in the society because their parents have crashed to death through the hands of reckless drivers.

The most recent of the agonizing accidents in Ghana are the two which happened on Techiman-Kintampo highway, in which one driver was said to have ignored passengers’ plea to stop and take some rest, and also to reduce the speed.

We cannot always blame bad roads for accidents. On good roads, drivers over speed beyond understanding. The main contributors to road accidents include over speeding, negligence and overtaking on the part of the drivers. Drivers are responsible for most of the accidents and deserve severe punishment for their carelessness.

In some European countries, petty driving offences can cost a driver up to 300euros per each offence. When a driver commits similar offences three times within three months, his driver's license is withheld for up to six months. He could lose the license permanently too. Driving without a license could be punishable for up to 5 years improsonment. It is time to prosecute and send bad drivers to jail in Ghana.

Since law enforcement is almost non-existing in Ghana, passengers are required to demand good driving from their drivers. Don’t allow insane drivers to play with your life.

A lot has been written about the recent accidents so I will end here.

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