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28.03.2019 Opinion

Why The Young Politician's Loyalty Is For Sale

By Nathan Opoku
Why The Young Politician's Loyalty Is For Sale
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Loyalty is the most prized commodity in Politics and a lot of premium is placed on it especially by people in authority. That said one would assume that the young politician will remain unrepentantly loyal to whatever cause or whoever he/she believes in. The reverse is, however, the case.

There are many young politicians who have mastered the art of bootlicking and sycophancy so well that one might mistake it for loyalty. Their supposed loyalty is always for the highest bidder or whatever cause that would put food on their table. They have multiple loyalties depending on the circumstances they find themselves in.

There are a few genuinely loyal young politicians but being unrepentantly loyal these days is no longer attractive. This is because for whatever cause or whoever you are loyal to, you'd be in competition with the deceptive sycophants and bootlickers. Having mastered the art of deception, they are likely to be seen either above or in the same light with you. Whatever courtesies or benefits associated with such loyalty is shared equally amongst you.

They, however, have several other loyalties and gain recognition/benefits from same and so they would almost always be better off than an unrepentant loyalist. The young politician wary of this phenomenon becomes sceptical about committing his/her loyalty to a singular cause or individual and so the political atmosphere is now full of sycophants and bootlickers scrambling for crumbs.

A leader, however, should be able to decipher and see beyond any form of deceptive loyalty and be able to place the right premium on the right form of loyalty. Unrepentant Loyalty must be appreciated above sycophancy and bootlicking. It is only then that we will be able to breed a crop of young politicians whose loyalties are NOT FOR SALE.

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