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27.03.2019 General News

Fear Grips Tamale Residents Over Increasing Drug Abuse By Youth

By Kwaku Anane ||
Fear Grips Tamale Residents Over Increasing Drug Abuse By Youth
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Some Residents of Tamale in the Northern Regional are expressing fear over how the municipality is becoming scary due to the alarming rate at increasing drug abuse in the region.

Some residents in an interview with narrated incidents where boys between the age group of 16 and 20 are involved in drug usage in isolated areas who eventually harass women.

One man by name FK Farouk particularly bemoaned the fact that it has become impossible to walk around in town due to fear of being attacked by persons engaged in drug abuse.

“It is particularly difficult in the evenings to walk along the street as young boys smoke wee, cigarette, tramadol and tease women. I have experienced it myself and it is not safe for me to walk alone. Although I have raised this issue several times but the police and other security agencies have not taken proper action" One of the residents”, FK Farouk stated.

Mr. Farouk, a student of the university for Professional studies ( UPS) quizzed the whereabouts of the religious morals and values that were once upon a time the guiding principle used to nurture every young growing person who hails especially from this part of Ghana?.

He went further to ask whether we are proud as a people about how the supposed leaders of tomorrow are being groomed and whether the society will be safe in future having these people lead us tomorrow.

In the past, this illegality used to be done under the cover of secrecy, darkness and far away in the bushes mostly known as ghettos. Many are therefore surprised about how it is eventually becoming legal even in some homes people go into these businesses without being apprehended by the law enforcement agencies.

He continued that tramadol abuse has become the order of the day with the youth much involved in the practice. Wee smoking, alcohol and the intake of other hard drugs is rampant these days in the society.

It is therefore not surprising seeing most of our future leaders at very youthful ages walking naked on the streets as madmen and women. appealing to parents, civil society, religious leaders, and the media to strengthen the campaign against the sale and use of these deadly substances since it is retrogressing the rate of development especially in this part of the country.

The practice is not limited to a particular location but spread across the entire country.