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27.03.2019 Feature Article

Would Kantanka Automobile  Limited Not Make Perfect Partners In Ghana, For The OX Global Vehicle Trust?

Would Kantanka Automobile  Limited Not Make Perfect Partners In Ghana, For The OX Global Vehicle Trust?
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The so-called Aboboyaa, the nickname for the three-wheeled Chinese motorcycle, dominates the roads of rural Ghana. Alas, it is inherently unsafe, design-wise, and has probably injured and killed many of those who travel on it, up and down those terrible rural feeder roads, which criss-cross the Ghanaian countryside.

For the moment, unfortunately, there is currently no suitable substitute for the Aboboyaa, available in Ghana. A perfect replacement for the dreadful Aboboyaa, would be the British-designed OX.

To bring that amazing and rugged cross-country vehicle, to the attention of Ghanaian entrepreneurs, today, we have culled content from the website of the designers and builders of the OX - the OX Global Vehicle Trust (OGVT). Kantanka Automobile Limited would be perfect partners in Ghana, for the OX Global Vehicle Trust.

Finally, perhaps the question we must ponder over is: Now that foreign automobile companies are rushing to assemble vehicles in Ghana, should the OX Global Vehicle Trust not follow suit and partner Kantanka Automobile Limited to assemble the OX in Gomoa Mpotem, using locally made e-cocoboards for its body?

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"What is OX?

Designed and built in Britain, the OX is unlike any other vehicle and has no competitor – whether from a concept, performance or pricing point of view. It is the world’s first flat-pack vehicle, with a revolutionary design that offers all-terrain mobility for all.

The OX is the result of the Global Vehicle Trust’s ambition to help people in the developing world by providing cost-effective mobility for communities to undertake crucial daily tasks, such as collect drinking water and transporting grain, fertilizer or building materials.

Project Status

Three OX prototypes have been built by so far and put through rigorous testing with an investment of approximately £3 million from the Global Vehicle Trust.

The Global Vehicle Trust believes that the OX project will attract a wide range of interest from potential backers and is looking for investment and support from within the automotive industry, foundations, philanthropists and other investors in order to take the OX into production.

Sir Torquil Norman said: “Feedback we have had so far from contacts in Africa and with aid agencies has been very positive. OX is about making a difference now, being part of something ground-breaking and unique. Most of all it presents a real opportunity to make a fundamental and lasting difference to people’s lives. Our priority now is to raise the funding to complete the testing and take the project to fruition.”

End of culled content from the website of the OX Global Vehicle Trust.

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