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25.03.2019 Opinion

Kenkey Party Brouhaha – Sometimes, Sorry Seems The Hardest Word For NPP

By Papa Appiah
Kenkey Party Brouhaha – Sometimes, Sorry Seems The Hardest Word For NPP
MAR 25, 2019 OPINION

I must confess before I proceed that I was one of the people who were fooled by the idea of a kenkey party for staff of the Ministry of Finance to celebrate the triple successes of an exit from the IMF, oversubscription of Eurobonds and the appreciation of the cedi.

I felt at the time charmed by the idea, that a finance minister would show some appreciation to staff who had worked so hard to chalk some successes, however modest, in the management of the economy. And it was not as if they had been taken to a five-star hotel to eat a three-course meal. They had quite humbly and wisely gone behind the building to patronise Afua Asuon’s Fante kenkey for the occasion.

It was much, later on, I realised that I, maybe just like the Finance Minister, had misjudged the mood of the country. This was a country seething from the unwarranted death of nearly a hundred people in two road accidents in one day. This is a country where whatever the government might want us to believe as regards management of the economic fundamentals, people in reality are having to put up with ever-increasing petroleum prices and an ever-worsening standard of living.

I felt a bit ashamed as the criticisms started pouring in and if I had been in a position of authority in relation to this affair would have been compelled to release a short statement to tell Ghanaians, that while we believe that significant successes have been chalked in the running of the economy that deserves to be celebrated, that on this particular occasion, the mood of the country seemed to have been misjudged and then sincerely apologise to the nation. Case closed!

Instead, what the NPP chose to do was to send their usual verbal hatchet man Pius Hadzide, to actually deny, that the party had been to celebrate economic successes and the flier that had been seen advertising the party had been done by some trolls or some overzealous employees for mischievous reasons.

How sad…………
Papa Appiah
[email protected]

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