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24.03.2019 Opinion

Garden City University College Tescon Secretary Questions Minority MP's on economic issues

By David Antwi - Boasiako
David Antwi - BoasiakoDavid Antwi - Boasiako
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I hear the minority in parliament making unnecessary noise about the Ghanaian economy in recent times.

I can't stop laughing when I hear people like Hon. Ato Forson and co commenting on issues pertaining to the economy.

I hear the minority in Parliament comparing the JDM economy to that of Agyenkwa Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo but let me ask them these simple questions which I demand answers from._

First of all, how many nurses and teachers were they able to employ from 2013 - 2016 with the better-acclaimed economy?

How many kilometres of roads were constructed during their time?

They should be bold to tell us the arrears they left behind at NHIS, School Feeding, road and building contractors arrears, nurses and teacher's arrears.

The better economy they are claiming reflected only in their pockets when people were dying because they couldn't afford quality health care meanwhile John Mahama and his cohorts were enjoying double salary.

An economy you claim is not good within a period of two years has been able to clear most of the arrears you left behind. Now the embargo on public sector recruitment has been lifted,good roads and proper infrastructure development are being carried out and we are enjoying free quality education.

Let me advise the minority in Parliament and the NDC; it would be better for them to keep mute than to expose themselves that they were bad managers of the economy.



Thank you.


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