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24.03.2019 Feature Article

You And The Future Five Years From Now

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LISTEN MAR 24, 2019

Five years from now, apart from the Grace and Favor of God, I believe personally that what you become is largely dependent on 4 things:

1. The KNOWLEDGE you acquire
The level of knowledge (be it formal/ informal) you have or desire to have will be crucial to the achievement of your dreams and goals; the facts, information and skills you will acquire through experience or education will be significant. Lao Tse puts it this way: 'to attain knowledge, add things every day, to attain wisdom, remove things every day'

2. The DECISIONS you take or make
A decision is a choice made between alternate course of action in a situation of uncertainty. As you progress in life, people may have various opinions concerning your life and what it should be or what you should do. Ultimately, the final decision is yours to make and not for others. Do not allow other people to make decisions for you. To a large extent, they can only advise and suggest things to you. But ultimately you are the one to make the decisions.

Note that it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

3. Your ASSOCIATIONS or Circle of Friends
The friends you make or keep will play a major role in determining where you will be in the next 5 years.

It is said that what surrounds us is what is within us. To a large extent, you become the sum total of at least your five close friends.

Read good books. Listen to inspirational and motivational speakers, pastors, preachers, mentors, coaches etc. Build a library at home no matter how small. Investment in building a library at home will:

a. set you to succeed
b. develop your language skills
c. exercise your brain
d. enhance your level of concentration
e. encourage your thirst for knowledge
f. teach you about different topics
g. develop your creativity/imagination
h. develop empathy
i. give you an intellectual bond.
Written by Francis AGBETAWOKPOR
CEO of Oxygen 8 Concepts &
Manager at Villa Cisneros Resort, Sogakope
Edited by Columnist Rex Krampa

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