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23.03.2019 Poem

The Two Telling Twins

By Shadrack Oteng (Poet-Shaddy)
The Two Telling Twins
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The federal republic of Nigeria has her own administrative sins

Compared to Ghana, they are both mismanaged twins

They are both controlled by political alphabet

NDC, PDP, NPP, APC, where citizens in hardship live as tenants.

Both are geographically close

But boozed by corruption dose

Between Ghana and Nigeria, one is Mr. And the other is Mrs

Between them a marriage of political promises.

Citizens of Ghana and Nigeria are migrants the world over

Because their leaders neglected them while chasing power.,

Both countries political leaders need extra classes

To fix for once the issue of energy crises.

Ghana and Nigeria are suffering from developmental inequalities

Because we have given everything to a monster called Politics.

Both countries are pregnant with vast resources

Yet, their wastage has been orchestrated by political forces.

Ghana and Nigeria share much in common

Two countries naturally endowed but poor owing to political bandwagon.

Both countries love and cherished education

Yet their streets are pregnant with degree holders without occupation

Both countries have politically loved grammar

Instead of economically lifting high a common developmental banner.

It's not too late for these twins, we can develop like Singapore

But first, we have to eradicate the corruption that causes us to be poor.

Will the future of these twins be bright?

Is possible, only if corruption runs from our site.

Voice of an Africanist

Shadrack Oteng (Poet-Shaddy)