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22.03.2019 Regional News

I Can't Be Blamed For Bole Water Crisis--DCE

By Zion Abdul Rauf || Nkiligi FM Bole
I Can't Be Blamed For Bole Water Crisis--DCE

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bole, Madam Veronica Alele Heming, has distanced the Bole District Assembly from the Bole water problems.

The DCE said the Bole District Assembly is no longer in charge of the Bole water system explaining that government came up with a policy to privatise small water systems in a number of Districts in Northern Ghana and the Bole system happen to be one.

Madam Veronica Alele speaking on Bole based Nkilgi Fm said she is having sleepless nights over the Bole water problems and had several meetings with the Manager of the Bole township water system called Mr. Joseph Ayamga.

The Bole DCE condemned a Bole based pressure group called Constituency Watch Bole-Bamboi for not doing enough consultations before coming public with the Bole water issues since they got some of the issues wrong.

Madam Veronica Alele Heming explained to Nkilgi Fm that the information from the Constituency Watch Bole-Bamboi is complete misinformation because the Ghana Water Company (GWCL) does not manage Bole water supply and that the GWCL manages only the Salaga and Damongo water system for now in the Savannah Region and that she is on talk with the MP for Bole- Bamboi and other stakeholders to assist so that the Bole Water system will be placed under the GWCL.

The DCE for Bole was reacting to a statement from the Constituency Watch Bole-Bamboi that an acute water shortage has hit Bole township, with residents bracing through thick shoving crowds, queues and sacrificing their sleep and comfort to access water.

A press release signed by Mr. Haruna Abdulai Obey, the President of Constituency Watch Bole-Bamboi and copied to Nkilgi Fm said places worst affected on Bole township include Korupe, Jakala, Yelwa and Hill Top.

Constituency Watch Bole-Bamboi said field visits by their members indicated that some of these communities have not had water running through their taps for almost two weeks.

The situation is so dire that a group called "Bole Hawks" have given the DCE for Bole three day ultimatum to solve the acute water shortage in Bole or else they will sack those currently managing the Bole water system.

Mr. Ibraihim Meijida who spoke on Nkilgi Fm said the Bole water situation is no longer about politics and that the Youth of Bole must rise up and fight for the problem to be resolved.

Meanwhile, an NPP activist from Bole called Harisu Abdulai has said that the Ghana Water company is not in charge of the Bole Water.

Harisu wrote that the President of Constituency Watch Bole- Bamboi Haruna Obey do not even know that, the Bole water system is under another water managing company known as Community Water and Sanitation.

Harisu said it is, therefore, a complete falsification that the water system in the Bole district is managed by Ghana Water company Limited as wrongfully stated.

Harisu entreated Constituency watch to render an unqualified apologize to Ghana Water Company Limited for drawing them into something they know nothing about.