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22.03.2019 Health

PhysioWorld And Rehabilitation Clinic Opens Ultra-Modern Facility

By Emmanuel Tonye
PhysioWorld And Rehabilitation Clinic Opens Ultra-Modern Facility
MAR 22, 2019 HEALTH

´╗┐PhysioWorld and Rehabilitation Clinic´╗┐ is opened to the general public to access quality health care.

The Clinic [PhysioWorld] has a vision of boosting physiotherapy and other healthcare services for local residents.

The physiotherapy services include:

  • Spine (neck, lower and upper back pain)
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Sports injury
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Lymph drainage massage

The facility is well equipped with modern physiotherapy equipment and adequate healthcare personnel to deliver excellent service to our clients.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Clinic, Edward Coffie said: "We aim at improving and maintaining functional independence and physical performance, preventing and managing pain, physical impairments, disabilities and limits to participation, and promote fitness, health and wellness."

He added: "We also have a 3D orthopaedics insole department where data is collected through our state of the art Baropodometry mat consisting of over 1000’s of sensors. Collected data is then analyzed, generating a customized insole to meet the client’s specific demands. These insoles provide increased comfort and help reduce or prevent low back or knee pain and correct foot disorders as well."

PhysioWorld is located at Community 18 on the Spintex road.

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