21.12.2005 General News

Death shrouded in mystery

By news24.com
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Johannesburg - Questions still surround the death of an SAA flight attendant whose body was found in a hotel in Accra, Ghana.

Ahmed Rajah, 33, who'd worked for SAA for more than 10 years, was found dead on December 11, after he and a colleague had been to a nightclub in the Ghanian capital. "The death certificate just states that a 'medical emergency' claimed his life.

"We are still waiting for clarification about exactly what happened, said Rajah's mother, who didn't want to be named.

A reliable source told Beeld it's suspected that Rajah and his colleague, who also became ill, might have been poisoned.

Azure Janneker, an SAA spokesperson, said Rajah spent two days in Accra before his death. He would have left for Washington the next day (on Monday).

Ashraf Rajah, Rajah's bother, said the family didn't want to say too much about his death.

"We are still waiting for the various investigations to be finalised, which will hopefully provide answers."

Janneker said they were still waiting for the results of the post mortem.

She couldn't confirm whether Rajah's colleague had fallen ill or had been treated in hospital.

The South African embassy in Accra could also not say what progress had been made in the investigation of Rajah's death.

Foreign affairs department spokesperson Nomfanelo Kota said the mission in Accra had obtained permission for Rajah's body to be repatriated to South Africa.

That would be the extent of their involvement, said Kota.