The Unconstitutional Acts Of UTAG-UEW

Feature Article The Unconstitutional Acts Of UTAG-UEW
MAR 20, 2019 LISTEN

Since the Court of Appeal decision in favour of Kaakyire & Others as dully elected executive of UTAG-UEW delivered, no meeting has been convened by the now Ahmed Jinapor led UTAG-UEW Executive to engage members.

The only act or acts that this useless executive have been engaging in, relate to walking to the bankers of UTAG-UEW to shamefully request for access to the funds of UTAG-UEW!

In addition, there is a document circulating on several media platforms purporting to emanate from Ahmed Jinapor, an instigator of students unrest, using the name of UTAG-UEW and appealing to President Nana Akufo-Addo to reinstate the dismissed staff of UEW.

My question to this selfish and short-sighted Jinapor is, when did UTAG UEW meet to resolve that such a petition be sent to Jubilee House? Jinapor should take note that he has no locus taking decisions for the entire UTAG-UEW Chapter.

It is high time forward and right thinking members of UTAG-UEW considered breaking away from UTAG to form a Progressive Association, in order to distance themselves from the criminal acts of UTAG National in general, and UTAG-UEW in particular!

Some of us cannot continue to associate ourselves with a union leadership that meets crooked Members of Parliament (MPs) at dead of the night to only issue pathetic and corruption-tainted Press Statements the next day.

Why didn’t Eric Opoku Mensah, a Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and sleeping and drowsy UTAG National President, hold a meeting at dead of night with Barbara Asher Ayisi, MP for Cape Coast North, the Constituency that UCC is sited?

Is the staggering and stumbling Eric Opoku Mensah telling the whole world that Hon. Barbara Asher Ayisi is not concerned about matters at UCC?

Furthermore, is the biased Eric Opoku Mensah asserting to the world at large that there has been no dismissal, termination of appointment, demotion or any other form of disciplinary action taken against staff of UCC in the past?

It is apparent that the current UTAG National Executive, and UTAG-UEW are having their bread buttered by a crooked personality, hence their hypocritical posture in the ongoing University of Education, Winneba (UEW) saga, which is clearly the making of a known individual.

I'm most grateful to Allah for making it possible for me to get the statement “bread buttered” right, unlike Eric Opoku Mensah, who catastrophically failed to get these two words right! No wonder he has conspired with some greedy bastards to sell or has already sold UTAG to the highest bidder!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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