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20.12.2005 Politics

Rawlings on Obed Asamoah’s desperation

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Dr. Obed Asamoah is aware that his days as the Chairman of the NDC are very much numbered. Owing to that realization, the frail looking and power-clutching aged party Chairman is becoming more and more desperate.

In a bid to claw back a little of the respect that he used to enjoy among the rank and file of the NDC, Dr. Asamoah last week personally released a document to make case for himself. But what a pathetic job he did! And what a pack of lies Dr. Asamoah put together. Among a number of obvious desperate lies put together by the outgoing NDC Chairman was one to the effect that President Rawlings had lied that Capt. Kodzo slapped his wife twice in his presence. The desperate chairman claimed that the founder said these at a meeting at Ravico hotel.

The Founder fully aware of the desperation that is at the root of this latest move by Dr. Obed Asamoah had only this to say about that piece of fabrication.

“I never said any such thing. It is true that Kodzo refused to acknowledge my wife's greetings to us in my bedroom. I have tolerated quite a bit in my time you know? (and yet these characters would want to portray me as an intolerant dictator). Kodzo does not inflict or engage in physical violence. I cannot however defend him when it comes to emotional and mental weapons.”

Commenting on the important of enshrining truth in our body politics as a means of unleashing the creative potential of the people of Ghana, President Rawlings stated: “We behave like people who want to know the truth but we seem incapable of handling it when it is told us. If we cannot restore the capacity to be truthful as a people, justice will continue to elude us. Corruption and oppression will be our lot. We will be saddled with suffering, underdevelopment and slaving for a long time.”

Elaborating further, the NDC founder also said: “as long as we are incapable of handling the truth, vice will continue to prevail over virtue. When virtue prevails over vice, it brings about the restoration of justice and truth unleashes the creativity and the energy of the society. It is the explosion of justice on June 4 that led to the massive unleashing of the energies of our people when the 31st December revolution was launched. The

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