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20.03.2019 Feature Article

Whites kill Blacks softly

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Sunday, 17.03.2019, Ghana's Information Minister, Oppong Nkrumah, announced the Government has secured a loan facility from the European Union of Euro 40 Mio. for investment and job creation.

USD 3 Mio. were spend on March 6th 2019 for the Independence Ceremony in Tamale. 2016 Komenda Sugar factory, built by Indians, was inaugurated by former President John Dramani Mahama promising 7000 direct and indirect jobs. The USD 35 Mio. costing factory was closed down one month after the opening and is still not operational.

Behind Ministry of Health building in Accra, 27 SUVs are rotting for the past 19 years. MASCLO has around 2000 small salon cars on its yards meant to assist small farmers and young people to start their own venture unused for years. 200 regional News Buses intended to connect rural places to make life easier for locals to commute back and from work and shopping facilities are stranded. In Tema Apartment blocks constructed are left uncompleted making it impossible for underprivileged people to have a decent roof over their heads. In the same city, huge Silos are on display once constructed by Ghana's first President, Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, to store Cocoa Beans keeping them off the market to boost cocoa prices. The Silos are full of air never having hosted any cocoa beans or other crops.

Cocoa Processing Company Limited in Tema, once listed at Ghana Stock Exchange run by Party Politicians, is kept alive each year by Government subside over USD 10-16 Mio. with accumulated debts reaching in the USD 100 Mio. and beyond.

The former building in Accra City Center that used to be the place for the First Parliament of Ghana and a witness to its Independence, was pulled down not considering to refurbish it and use it as a vital structure to remember its countries fight of people wanting to rule over themselves with new facilities to accommodate today´s governmental needs of running a modern country.

Ghana is on ist way getting a National Cathedral paid for by mainly Donations for Ghana's own contribution of around USD 40 Mio. .

Bill and Melinda Gates use their God-given fortune to help eradicate serious and harmful illnesses on the African continent. This leads to many more healthy people that can live a long prosperous life and produce more and more children contributing to overpopulation. Influential voices to demand a functional social system that potentially has the chance to assist the process of reducing the numbers of people on the continent are not to be heard. China as one country and with one government was able to manage one-child, now two-children policy successfully, while 54 African countries having an emotional tradition to establish large families inside and outside the marriage, find it impossible to achieve the same.

Hamburg/Germany transformed by Adolf Hitler under the 1937 Greater Hamburg Act to a city producing in massive numbers vessels for military and commercial use, lost shipyard's jobs in the thousands during the 1970s and 80`s to South Korea, a country being able to produce at lower cost than German firms; a country in Asia with no natural recourses still on the way up out of the North/South Korea devastating war consequences.

I was asked by my wise wife not to comment but only to state facts so that the readers have a chance to see the truth of ongoing processes for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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