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Dismissed Lecturers At The University Of Education, Winneba (UEW): Setting The Records Straight

Dismissed Lecturers At The University Of Education, Winneba (UEW): Setting The Records Straight
LISTEN MAR 19, 2019

Every organization without exception, is legally permitted to discipline its staff as and when the need arises. This is achieved either through internal disciplinary mechanisms or external processes, such as the courts. Therefore, UEW violated no laws of this country when it took disciplinary action against some staff who went contrary to laid down rules and regulations, and who erroneously held the belief that they were untouchable.

All lecturers who have been disciplined in one way or another since Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni constitutionally assumed the office of Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, are examined next.

1. Prof. Mawutor Avoke: Dismissed for blatant violation of the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663) as amended. Currently in court contesting this decision. I must commend him for adopting a non violent approach.

2. Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe: Dismissed for alleged gross misconduct and threatening to butcher Governing Council members. Also seeking redress in court.

3. Dr. Samuel Atintono: Disregarded authority of the VC and traveled to the USA without authorization. Prof. Avea Nsoh, the then Principal of the UEW Ajumako College of Languages, granted Atintono permission to travel when in actual fact, he had no legal basis to do so under UEW Statutes. Atintono’s position was therefore declared vacant after he absented himself from work beyond a certain period of time.

4. Lawrence Quarshie: Failed to pursue a mandatory Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PDTLHE), which is a condition for confirmation of appointment under paragraph 2 of the offer of employment letter, after a probationary period of 2 years. Mr. Quarshie was recruited by UEW in 2008, and as at April 2018, he had not taken steps to meet this requirement. Furthermore, he failed to publish a single academic paper in the same period (10 years). He therefore had his contract terminated by UEW.

5. Ms. Shine Agbevivi: Claimed to have evidence of some officials plotting to kill someone and further asserting that she had evidence of some officials of UEW, working in concert with the Central Regional House of Chiefs to have a named individual installed as the VC. As a result, she was invited to appear before a Committee to substantiate these allegations. She however declined the invitations of the Committee to appear before it. She also failed to pursue the mandatory PDTLHE as spelt out under paragraph 2 of her offer of employment letter. Her appointment was therefore not confirmed.

6. Kenneth Bodua-Mango: Performance found to be unsatisfactory by the Appointments and Promotions Board after the 2 years probationary period. As a result, his appointment was not confirmed.

7. Dr. Emmanuel Osei Sarpong: Acted in concert with Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe to exhibit gross misconduct towards the Governing Council. At its sitting to discuss a Fact Finding Committee Report, Dr. Bekoe at some point, it is alleged, was not happy with the direction of the discussion and angrily walked out of the Council Chamber with the Committee’s Report, despite several pleas to leave the Report behind. Dr. Sarpong, also a Council Member at that time, joined Dr. Bekoe to walk out with their copies of the Report. Dr. Sarpong and Dr. Bekoe later returned to the Council Chamber, where Dr. Bekoe allegedly threatened to butcher the other Council Members.

8. Dr. Frimpong Kaakyire Duku: He sued the university for no apparent reason. He went through the internal disciplinary procedures, that took almost a year to conclude. Since he a cantankerous person who loves litigation, he now has the opportunity to sue the university to challenge his dismissal.

9. Prof. Avea Nsoh (Victor K. Owusu): I will simply describe this figure as the ‘grandpa of all lies’. The truth is like poison to him, so he eats lies, drinks lies, breaths lies, smells lies, baths lies, walks lies, talks lies, and shit lies. The Auditor General is currently pursuing him for criminally reducing his age, and thereby, denying the younger ones employment. I will just pick a couple of his swollen headed practices for elaboration.

Avea Nsoh, through bad advice, and without recourse to prior approval from the Vice-Chancellor, approved and justified a letter of notification of the departure of Dr. Atintono for a Fulbright Fellowship in the USA.

Secondly, he released an official university Toyota Hilux pick up truck, together with an official university driver, fueled at the university’s expense to transport his wife from Winneba to Bolga and back to Winneba. The said vehicle was away for 10 days, while Avea Nsoh was physically present in Winneba. Upon return to Winneba, the driver claimed night allowance of GHS 2,000 (GHS 200 per night). Avea Nsoh, was therefore put through the university internal disciplinary processes, that subsequently led to his dismissal.

It is therefore not only false, but un-Godly, to say that the above former UEW staff have been victimized because of their association with Prof. Mawutor Avoke. If anyone was to be victimized at UEW, then it would have been the wife of Prof. Avoke, who is still a lecturer with the university, with no disciplinary proceedings whatsoever ongoing in respect of her.

The purely fabricated lie of 30 lecturers having been dismissed, is therefore capricious, malicious and mischievous, aimed at tarnishing the hard earned reputation of Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni. As can be seen above, nine (9) lecturers have been disciplined in one way or the other by the UEW Governing Council, and NOT the Vice-Chancellor. Dismissal, termination of appointment, and non confirmation of appointment, are not synonymous.

The statement by Afenyo-Markin that all or some of the above former employees of UEW, have been reinstated, is a figment of the imagination of Afenyo-Markin, and should be treated with the contempt it deserves. Afenyo-Markin has NO power whatsoever to reinstate dismissed staff of UEW. There is no law in this country that confers such power on a Member of Parliament (MP).

Furthermore, inciting students and and some hired thugs, and ‘motivating’ these people with GHS 50 each to unleash mayhem and wreck havoc on the entire Winneba township, CANNOT and will NEVER be a panacea to twist the arm of anyone to reinstate the said dismissed staff. If dismissed officials are reinstated as a result of violence, then it sets a precedent that anyone who is dismissed from their job, can pay a few hoodlums to cause damage and have their demands met. In that sense, there would be no other description for this country, other than a failed State!

A petition to the Governing Council or recourse to the law courts, are the ONLY legitimate means that may lead to reinstatement, and NOTHING else!

I hope Afenyo-Markin was able to provide transport or fare for the students who were ordered by the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) to vacate the Winneba and Ajumako Campuses of UEW, by 6pm on Thursday 14th March 2019, to travel back to their homes.

It is also expected of Afenyo-Markin, to render teaching services to these students in their various homes.

Finally, since Afenyo-Markin has the interest of these students at heart, reasonable persons expect him to settle the bill for the damage caused to public and private property by the rioting students.

Anything less than this, would amount to hypocrisy, dishonesty and pure display of evil on the part of Afenyo-Markin.

In conclusion, it is submitted that within this same period that the services of all the above lecturers were severed with UEW, over 70 lecturers were recruited.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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