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19.03.2019 Opinion

Exorcising Vigilantism

By wasi Ansu-Kyeremeh
Exorcising Vigilantism
MAR 19, 2019 OPINION

Vigilantism is wɔyaa suro wɔyaa (mutual distrust) in election stealing. Ɔsonomma know more about congress election cheating than we outside do. The huhuhuhu the rest of us worry about is not 'hu' to them. You deal with vigilantism by exposing the ampɛbrɛ. If you can get the sponsors to openly confess and beg for forgiveness like bayifoɔ si afoɔ (witchcraft exorcism) or Alcoholic Anonymous purging, you'll get somewhere.

The prize is an odds of 19 plus eight plus another eight against eight plus two and something. A certain individual counts it as 19 plus eight plus four conveniently leaving another half that adds to his four. Factually, the odds are: for each almost four years of congress recruitment of its own into the security institutions, Ɔsonomma get only one.

Congress which continuously ruled for nineteen unbroken years and then eight and another eight has always used the state security personnel to its advantage. Congress gloated as the security-friendliest with the introduction of the Single Spine Salary System. They assembled security chiefs in the gallery of Parliament to pass the infamous criminal STX hoax of housing for every security person.

Ametewee was a trusted Nkrumah security guard and Kotoka was a trusted garrison commander while Blaa Kutu was a trusted guard commander. They all, Jerry Rawlings included, betrayed the state, trying to kill republics or succeeding in killing republics. Heroes Salifu Dagarti, Major-General Bawa and Major-General Odartey-Wellington were all vilified defending the Motherland Republic.

Obsession with vigilantism is supplanting food on the table, clothing oneself and finding shelter. Empowering and enabling education and job training are being pushed to the background. Congress did little with captured state security apparatus towards achieving these. Congress are peeved children are schooling fee-free and there's peace in Dagbɔn many had felt elusive. Gradually, factories and dams are being constructed. That should engage attention. Peace is not state actors looting uncontrollably as we saw in 2009-2016.

Where from this Ayawaso and the end of the motherland republic tactics? The ministers may be too many for value for money. There could still be instances of thievery, for real or imagined. If jobs were abundant, few will bother about finding employment within the security arena.

For as long as the jobs are not there, people will manipulate security to protect their comfort zone. In my view, the Colonel Odjija protégé did such fine job with security because things were happening that gave compatriots lots of hope. The ampɛbrɛ lied and deceived to legitimize their election stealing. Just as the hope was beginning to rise again after the dumsɔ dark days, they have hoodwinked doubting thomases into security scare.

It is governments that are unable to create jobs that panic into insecurity. People have become too sensitive to chopping to take them for granted. If you want peace for this motherland, stop the unrestrained chopping of our common fund. Those with the power to create jobs must create jobs. Our greatest security threat is the contract killings and not vigilantism. Vigilantism is part of politics. It can be good (as in Limann's time) or it can be bad. You can expend your energy on it and waste your job creation time and resources. Or you eschew corruption and create jobs to achieve security,

Publish partisan party activists' CVs for public awareness of the vigilante talker. Expose the background of party chairmen who speak kidnapping on tape: lives they have lived as relates to vigilantism wolf-crying political crookery. Let's know congresspeople who are handed plush ministerial positions have ever written job application, be interviewed for job and employed, worked, paid bills from salary and taken care of others. If little or none of the above, they are the source of any menace of vigilantism. Go to the source of ampɛbrɛ national leaders and stop tinkering with vigilantism, the symptom.

Vigilantism is politics so treat it such. The real issue is creating opportunities for work to prevent people from joining up vigilante groups while providing exit avenues for those caught in it. The security person's allegiance should be to the motherland and not whoever facilitated his/her recruitment. Reorient every security person to retake oath of allegiance to the motherland, monitoring compliance. Probe those claiming they were born in, and with, violence, who still yearn for state largesse after all those chopping years. If full unalloyed allegiance to the motherland state is impossible, forget curing vigilantism.

Check this list: Action Troopers, Centre for Civic Education, Charter Chapters, Vigilantes (positive), P/WDC/Cadres and now Azorka, Invisible, others. By all means, fix Ayawaso and De Eye vigilantism. Just remember there have been Atiwa, Cherepone, Talensi and at Ayawaso Amoo vrs Addotey. It's all about elections when ampɛbrɛ seek to steal state power to steal state wealth. It's assured the motherland would still not have been exorcised of vigilantism.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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