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18.03.2019 Feature Article

Just A “Word” To The Speaker Of Parliament On Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s Increasingly Provocative Conduct Towards The Police

Kennedy Agyapong

Mr. Speaker, my matter is very short and simple. In this open letter of mine are my personal views as a worried Ghanaian first of all, and secondly , a sworn police officer who puts his life on line to maintain law and order as the constitution mandates the police, and also to protect lives and properties in very perilous situations.

I am very sure you have taken cognizance of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s behavior towards a whole Deputy Commissioner of Police in the Central Region, precisely Winneba. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong who is a sitting member of parliament had threatened to remove the uniform of a sworn police officer as if he is the one who enlisted the police officer into the Ghana Police Service. In the presence of the Central Regional Commander DCOP/Mr. Paul Manly Awini, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong exhibited attitude and conduct which is a disgrace and shame to parliament yet we are not hearing anything from parliament to condemn such a gross misbehaviour from a man who thinks that because he is politician and most probably his government is in power so he is above the law.

It is very strange how parliament is not calling this man to order but rather have allowed this man to continue to provoke the police beyond measure. Mr. Speaker, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s attitude and conduct particularly towards the police should be put to check lest he meets his “meeter” in the police service one day. Trust me that not every police officer in as much as we are to control our emotions and anger towards the public will be able to tolerate Hon. Kennedy Agyapong like DCOP/Mr. Paul Manly Awini did. He is likely to run into serious confrontations with the police one day and damn to its political consequences and its accompanied vindictiveness and victimizations.

What would have been the reaction of parliament if the police had arrested Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and detained him? I am quite sure parliament and its members, both opposition and in government would have issued a strong worded statement to condemn the police and tagged their actions as affront to democracy and rule of law. By now parliament would have mounted serious pressure on the president and the IGP to take drastic actions against the police even though the honorable member of parliament had shown gross disrespect towards the police.

Mr. Speaker, we cannot build better country with the likes of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong going about all the time provoking the police just because they are politicians and probably because their government is in power. Politicians of all political divide and colours must be made to know their limits particularly when it comes to dealing with the police in order to uphold the sanity of parliament and to avoid serious confrontations with the police because that can be very dangerous as the police is always in position to exercise its power of using minimum force to maintain law and order.

Mr. Speaker, this minimum force can be very relative considering how Hon. Kennedy Agyapong keeps provoking the police extremely and so it is only precautious to advice the Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to mend his relationship with the. He might not get away with all the time.

Mr. Speaker, I will like to end here but call on parliament to commend DCOP/Mr. Paul Manly Awini and his men for their level of tolerance towards Hon. Kennedy Agyapong who is increasingly becoming a recalcitrant all the name of politics. I am just imagining if Hon. Kennedy Agyapong would have exhibited that disgraceful conduct in the presence of the late DCOP/Mr. Awuni Angwugotoge. By now he would have been reduced to his real size irrespective of his political affiliations.

May the soul of the late DCOP/Mr. Awuni Angwugotoge continue to rest in peace. We miss him a lot and how he never tolerated political nonsense.

Kudos to DCOP/Mr. Paul Manly Awini and his men for exhibiting extreme professionalism despite the disgraceful, shameful and very provocative attitude and conduct of a man who should have considered his status as a parliamentarian and for that matter ought to have lived above reproach.

He will definitely meet a train since he is always walking on the rail lines despite all the warning signs.

Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III

[email protected]


Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III 
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