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18.03.2019 Social News

World Social Work Day 2019: Theme, 'Promoting Human Relationship'

...Sub-theme: Building Strong Families and Communities: The Role of Social Workers in Promoting Human Relationships
By Theophilus Quaicoe
World Social Work Day 2019: Theme, 'Promoting Human Relationship'
LISTEN MAR 18, 2019

Social Work is an academic discipline and a helping profession that seeks to improve the social functioning of individuals, groups and communities at their respective micro, mezzo and macro levels by addressing psychological, emotional, physiological, biological and social problems and dysfunction in order to plan and met out intervention to the disadvantaged, vulnerable groups, and the economically at risk thus restoring them to normalcy.

The role of social workers in every society is to act as an advocate, facilitator, teacher, social activist, and a liaison

In view of this, the Ghana Association of Social Workers (GASOW) has been established. The Ghana Association of Social Workers (GASOW) is a member of International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) which seeks to bring all social workers in Ghana and beyond under one voluntary umbrella for the common good of members and the profession of social work. Also, it seeks to address peculiar problems and circumstances of Social Workers and Social Work Practice in Ghana, promote, develop, and sponsor activities appropriate to the strengthening and unification of the social work profession, addressing itself to National and International issues as and when the need arises.

More so promoting the highest standard of social work and maintain the ethical conduct and discipline of the profession, the exchange of information and experience in social work among social workers in Ghana and in other countries through exchange programmes, conferences and publication of papers and professional journals, promote training and research among its members, uphold the principles of Universal Human Rights in collaboration with other National and International organizations, encourage all social workers to assume their full responsibility of citizenship, establish and maintain relations with National and International Organizations relevant to social development and welfare.

Relationships are important at all levels, and across the life course, The value of "the importance of human relationships" is so much a part of what we as social workers do but often goes unnoticed, yet it is the foundation upon which everything else is built. As social beings, the capacity to form and maintain relationships is essential to us and how we function within society. It is a key component to being mentally healthy and having a positive sense of wellbeing.

The World Social Work Day is the annual opportunity to advocate a social work approach in political systems that affect the wellbeing of people and to celebrate the social work contribution to societies. It is important to celebrate and acknowledge the work done by professional social workers that are often unnoticed or overlooked. Social workers have become vital contributors to our communities over the last three or four decades.

We are found working in metropolitans, Municipals and District assemblies as well as Schools, community mental health centres, correctional facilities, and hospitals. Social workers over the years have strived to empower the vulnerable and the less privileged in the country. However, due to societal barriers, our country is still polarized with the rich on one side and the extremely poor on the other.

It is important that social workers as well as academicians’ advocate for a strong social welfare institution that is focused on ameliorating the problems faced by the marginalized, the poor, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. It is our mandate to inform social policy formulation that is geared towards eradication of poverty and inequalities. We would also appeal to government, NGO’s and other organizations to help strengthen our social welfare institutions so that we could strengthen and empower the less privileged in our society.

Social workers understand that relationships between and among people are an important vehicle for change and as a result engage people as partners in the helping process. Social workers have sought to strengthen relationships among people in a purposeful effort to promote, restore, maintain, and enhance the well-being of individuals, families, social groups, organizations, and communities.

Social workers recognize the primary importance of human relationships. They understand that relationships between people are important vehicles for change, advocacy, and equity. Social workers engage clients, other professionals and community program staff as partners in the healing and helping process. They improve relationships among people in order to restore and promote the functionality of clients, their families, and communities. Because social work depends on the ability to maintain positive relationships with individuals who may be hostile and unreliable, social workers must be patient and communicative.

We rely on the strength of human relationships to survive and thrive. We are born into the world vulnerable, weak, and in need of physical and emotional nurturing. Immediately, we reach out to secure our first relationships. These original attachments are key to shaping a lifetime of connections to others. The strength of the original human relationship provides a path into the future, helping to define what is possible.

We also leave the world vulnerable and weak and, just as in infancy, we reach out for support from those around us. The level of support we get will often be based on the strength of the relationships we have created throughout our lives. Lessons from the dying include the bedrock of understanding that our illusions of invincibility and independence just don’t stand up to the truth of the need for connection.

Our society thrives on strong families. Our family teaches us how to function in the world. It should provide love and warmth to all of its members. A strong family gives its members the support they need to make it through life’s toughest spots. As a result, strong families have good communication. Strong families have open lines of communication where all family members feel heard and respected. One of the best ways to strengthen your family is to increase your listening skills and those of other family members.

Until we can hear each other, we cannot build strong relationships. To build strong family relationships, listen actively to each other. Strong families allow all family members no matter how young or small to talk about their thoughts and feelings. This does not mean that members are not respectful of one another, but rather that feelings and ideas are respected. Strong families spend time together.

Giving your child some "special time" helps develop a close relationship with your child. If you can make it a predictable ritual, your child can depend on it and look forward to this time with you. Strong families handle their conflict fairly. All families have conflict and it’s a natural part of human relationships. Strong families are able to work through things they disagree about by focusing on the problems, rather than by "tearing each other down. Strong Families Develop Trust. Strong families recognize the importance of developing trust. Trust is the glue that holds relationships together.

In conclusion, as we celebrate World Social Work Day under the theme ‘Promoting Human Relationship’ lets’ reflect on the relationship that exists amongst and within the home, workplace and the community.

Ayekoooo to all Social Workers in Ghana.

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