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18.03.2019 Cameroon

Group Requests Sanctions Against Cameroon Under Cotonou Agreement

By Organization Of Emerging African States || OEAS
Group Requests Sanctions Against Cameroon Under Cotonou Agreement

Brussels: The Cotonou Agreement is the framework for EU's relations with 79 countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) including the Republic of Cameroon.

The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) is an organization composed of 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific states, signatories to the Cotonou Agreement with the EU.

The OEAS and its Ambazonia associates as representatives of civil society in Ambazonia have invoked Article 11of the Cotonou Agreement which calls for peaceful facilitation of violent conflicts involving Cotonou signatories.

The OEAS has requested the Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP), Dr. Patrick Gomes, to immediately:

Appoint a special commission or rapporteur to address the human rights violations and violence in Ambazonia.

Support a ban on trade in lethal weapons with the Republic of Cameroon until the conflict is resolved.

Assist recognized NGOs such as OEAS in providing aid to Ambazonian refugees in West Africa.

A copy of the entire request is attached. The Cotonou Agreement is the key document governing the European Union’s engagement with Cameroon. The request to the ACP Secretary-General is the first step in seeking trade sanctions against Paul Biya and his government for human rights violations in Ambazonia.