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Opinion | Mar 15, 2019

The Voice of Deeply Pierced Souls

All the great minds of the land are weeping in deep sorrow and pain, lamenting uncontrollably to the upper wings and shielders of the land to listen to their story with empathetic and sensitive ears and hearts.
The Voice of Deeply Pierced Souls

The inevitable magnetic force around the globe once visited the inner peace of young great minds, and designed a web of ecosystemic network for all, under a well unified umbrella.

Innocently did they embrace the new wave of mind-blowing power that aroused their deepest joyful sentiment to rise up to the irresistible calling.

Some felt it was a heavenly revelation, since the wave that traveled exuberantly and broke the walls of their territories, was a new season to them.

The beaming influx of great minds that zoomed into the luring gate of the caller was a great historical mark which can never be erased from one's memory code.

Planes parachuted twinklingly, cars raced at highly accelerated rate, and people run briskly to converge at the caller's soothing bosom.

The hopes and expectations of the great minds were far beyond the axis of the sky, and deeply-rooted in the bedrock of oceanic depth.

Freelance lifestyle and quantum of equalized opportunistic liberties were their soul fulfilled song when they first heard the voice of the caller.

Upon arrival in the caller's camouflaged friendly arms, it poured out quadrillion of convincing assurances affirming how safe they were on its land.

Rich value oriented principles of the land were they taught and internalized with.

After a while of highly rated world class expeditious classical welcoming honeymoon celebrative agenda, dispersion, refractive conflicting ideologies and canker-like withdrawal exhibition started paving its way into the land.

The caller now keeps on disintegrating its sentimental affectionate bond from the ever gluing solidified emotional moods of the great minds.

The boundaries of both parties have been rigidly deactivated, while sorrow, pain, and compilation of dissatisfaction continue to swing their tails and ameliorate ceaselessly all over the land.

Not only is this struggle happening between the caller and the great minds, but also are the scavengers, traditional retreatists, evil despairing personalities and social pirated pythons.

Whenever the greats minds tweet in despair and trumpet in pain to the caller, it ironically erects a walled sealed ear to block their coded messaging lines.

Social pirated pythons are all over the land, triggering an earthquake of high rated fear in the souls of the great minds.

They walk cautiously and live in acute fearful condition, with their hearts constantly held firmly in their palms.

Where are the upper wings and shielders of the land...

Where are the security icons of our motherland...
Social pirated pythons continue to break into the abodes of the great minds, interfere in their directional patterns, pierce their souls painfully, humiliate and trample upon their inner peace.

This has caused most of them to become disorganized and traumatized in their intellectual journey.

All the greats minds of the land are weeping in deep sorrow and pain, lamenting uncontrollably to the upper wings and shielders of the land to listen to their story with an empathetic and sensitive ears and hearts.

Theophilus Quaicoe.

Theophilus Quaicoe
Theophilus Quaicoe, © 2019

I am a final year student of Social Work, KNUST - Ghana.
I am a young innovative writer, activist, resilient change agent, social justice pursuer and currently the project coordinator for Library Impact Project, Ghana.
Email Address: [email protected]
WhatsApp/Phone Call: +233501

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