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14.03.2019 Opinion

The "Accra-Circle Virgin" vrs "East-Legon Ashawo"

By Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭
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It's quite clear that our environment defines who we are. Growing up, I have always belonged to the populace who believe that, "Accra Circle" is a hub of prostitution. I can't confidently tell what East Legon is tagged with, but at least I have a male friend who tells me, he hardly sees his next door neighbor "fresh girl".

He stated that the only moment he sees that lady is when the family is going for yoga lessons, " I have to strain my eyes to view her through a tainted glass" he added. In conclusion, inhabitants of East Legon are "dada bees". That's a general narrative. Very well.

My name is Brooks, I believe perfectly well that wealth doesn't play any role whatsoever in shaping our values. It always has to do with the system.

Who created those systems? Human being. Who are you? a titan? Oh come on, go on and create that system in your area where everyone sees as an "Accra Circle". I don't want to explain to my children in the future that my location affected their upbringing. I want to tell them how regardless, I changed the status quo to grasp accolades.

I want them to trust their perceptions against the inabilities of other homes. I want them to know, there's "Mensah in every East Legon and a Messiah in every Accra-Circle". Therefore building your values is incumbent on you and solely you.

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