10.03.2019 Book Review


By Kyei Baffour Koby-Rhema
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Many times we attend programs or events that promises to change our lives. We might even purchase books or materials that we thought would have changed our lives; but our lives are still the same as it was.

What exactly is the problem?
Why arent we seeing the change?
Was the program not powerful?
Were lives not changed or transformed?
Why didnt yours change?

It is as though the more you attend programs that promises to transform your life, the more things turn out for the negative. You may sometimes get fed up and decide not to attend such seminars or crusades again, but hey, is that the solution?

Certainly not brother, giving up does not solve the problem; that is why it is important for us to identify the problem. The problem is not with the events you attend, the problem is with YOU. YES YOU.

After you attend a program, what do you do with the information or word you received? After that prayer meeting, were you expecting an answer to your prayers or you prayed because it is a religious routine? After such programs or after your finish reading those books full of knowledge, what do you do? What are you doing with your life? Are you putting the word you heard to work? Are you applying the word you have received?

Knowledge acquired is good but cannot change the circumstances of your life; it is knowledge applied that can cause a change in your life.

What change are you expecting? What have you done concerning those things you desire to change? Are you using or applying the knowledge you have or you are just in the 'ministry' of acquiring and not applying? Change your mindset, and put to work that which you learn.

An Excerpt from my book GINOSKO.

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