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Can Ghana Be Saved From Self-Destruction?

Can Ghana Be Saved From Self-Destruction?
LISTEN MAR 9, 2019

My brothers and sisters-
It’s 3:42 am in Ghana Saturday and I want to assure you Ghana will survive!

However, you all in Ghana should not sleep and allow the politicians to act foolishly!

One MP Kan Dapaah, once said that if there was a war in Ghana they the “privileged ones” (my own words) will simply fly out of the country!

This tells you the state of thinking of all these politicians! They don’t give a hoot if war starts in Ghana!

Many on our Ghanaian forums are frightened by the Joy News documentary of armed militias discovered by Journalist Manasseh Azure, training in full daylight at the Office of the President Annex at the Osu Castle.

The bottom line is that for over 38 years the people of Ghana have been held hostage first by a bunch of gun-toting hoodlums and their supporters for 19 years, and then by civilian elected greedy and selfish men who could care less for anything save for their economic and political power. It spells the best formula for failure and self-destruction of a nation, according to Harvard Prof. Daron Acemoglu and MIT Prof. Jack Robinson, in their book “Why Nations Fail”!

Some of us have been activists for over 40 years and can tell you Ghana is NOT doing well! The opposition and ruling parties both seem to seek one thing and that is POWER! Power not for making Ghana better but for maintaining their hold on Economic advantage in society! Even today these politicians come and go but nobody cares about the 100,000 per year malaria deaths from mosquitoes known to breed from the open gutters and stagnant sewage.

Ghana has has the same old folks being recycled on both major parties! Look at somebody like former President John Mahama, Alban Bagbin, Osafo Maafo, Kan Dapaah and these old recycled politicians! - always around and not even allowing the younger folks to have a chance!

Where would these people be without politics? Come out with Ghs 600,000 or more to stand for the nomination of the Party! Come oooon!

And when they win, nobody is instilling discipline, investigating and prosecuting anybody fir corruption, mismanagement, and public theft. Just useless speeches about being anti-corruption and deceiving the people!

This inability to prosecute is the most disappointing facet of the NPP-2 government. President Nana has refused to instill any discipline and instead using the name of God and what I consider fake Christianity to simply use whatever money is in the coffers for what appears to be grandiose self-gratulatory projects - not unlike what first Premier Nkrumah was accused of doing. At least Nkrumah set up many major factories and used the public funds to do public projects some of which are still in use today.

In a democracy as I have seen for 50 years in America, the Opposition and their Lawyers are the ones who check against abuses by the President. It appears in Ghana lawyers come only during election dispute and not on the rights of the people and society and abuse of executive powers or misbehaviour.

We have a Police with IGP and we have BNI and CID; but the President can set up a so-called “National Security” of his own for his pet operations? Come ooon! Who born him? Is he monarch of Ghana?

Definitely not on our tax money and common mineral and natural resources!! No!

Let the NDC stand up and hopefully some NPP folks will have the courage to join them, and let’s have Parliament disband and make illegal all “special forces”, aka National Security or Vigilante forces once and for all! No politician or Party should hire his or her own paid security save in his house and driver. Period!

God save our dear Ghana.
Dr. Kwaku A. Danso Mar. 8, 2019
President/co-Founder, Ghana Leadership Union

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