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09.03.2019 Feature Article

On International Women's Day

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Sometimes, in the excitement of modern feminism and the voice that women have today on social media, we seem to make it appear that women before were idle about and were only at the mercy of men.

Although women of old were silent and had their own challenges, they weild so much economic power in our society.

Women have been in farming, fishing, trading, baking, etc.

My grandmother was a baker; and she had over twenty girls living with her.

Today, ordinary women wake up before most of us to bear the harsh weather: rain or shine to make something for themselves and for their families.

Each morning as I drive myself to work so early, i will find young beautiful women ( more beautiful than those flaunting themselves on social media) carrying all sort of items at the toll booth selling.

And I feel humbled by the industry of Ghanaian women.

Women have always been a source of economic power throughout history. I have known a 'wakye' seller who funded her children' education :boys and girls through private university.

Women work hard. My mother worked hard to take me through school alone; and yet she couldnt read.

My wife is a hard working woman. At a point she has no social life. She goes to work Monday to Friday; at the same time reading for a Second degree. Saturday and Sunday , she lectures distance learning students of a university.

No free time for her: days; weeks; and months. It is important the modern woman know that women of old had achieved so much amidst very difficult social, cultural and economic environment.

Our social systems today give more opportunities to women to succeed by themselves than before.

Women of old made their mark. Today, we continue to celebrate Madam Ester Ocloo who triumphed over the Economic challenges of her time and still made it in industry.

Women before had already set the standards high. Having a large voice on social media to stamp out voices that are not palatable to you isnt enough achievement.

Being able to flaunt your half-naked self as a woman on social media today to claim the right to the unopressed woman isnt anything for us to remember you of.

Standards had already been set. In my language, we say ' xoxoanu wogbja y3y3" to wit ' you can only tie the new on the old.'

Paul Zowonu Accra #talkingblues 8/03/2019: 7;33

Paul Zowonu
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