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17.12.2005 NPP News

Govt's achievement would ensure NPP's victory - JAK

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Accra, Dec. 17, GNA - President John Agyekum Kufuor on Saturday said the good performance of his Government would ensure the return of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to power in Election 2008. He said the Government by all standards was doing very well contrary to what its detractors including sections of the media, would want the world to believe and asked members of the Party to be proud of it. "The achievements of this Government are tangible, visible and are for the collective good of our society," he said.
President Kufuor was addressing the NPP National Delegates Congress at Legon, which would elect a New National Executive to manage the Party and position it strategically for the next general election. He described as unfortunate the situation where some members of the Party got taken in by what he said was their "opponents, aggressive taunts and vicious propaganda and in the process feel marginalized and let down by the government. "We do appreciate that the foot soldiers, the activists and the rank and file of the Party may not have received any direct benefits yet. I want to assure you this is not due to insensitivity on the part of the Government".
President Kufuor attributed this to the collapsed economy they inherited and said now that the economy was on a plateau ready for the lift off their individual and collective well-being would receive the deserved legitimate attention.
Touching on the rumblings within the Party, President Kufuor told those in leadership positions to avoid exaggerating their personal misgivings publicly to the consternation of their supporters. "This is unacceptable politics". He, however, observed that what was happening in the Party at present was a well-known phenomenon that had christened "Mid-term or second-term blues".
President Kufuor advised those anxious for political positions but who do not see their way clear not to become hysterical and launch into unfounded and spurious allegations. They should rather hold themselves in check and should not get nervous, he said. On the expectation of the in-coming National Executive, he asked that they should be alive to the new challenges of the country's new democratic dispensation, which, encouraged freedom of expression and association within the law as well as individual creativity. President Kufuor reminded them that for the NPP to remain competitive and to be able to set and control its own agenda; it must not only be resourced adequately in terms of personnel and equipment but also to get its structures from polling station to the Head Office modernised.
Turning to the election of the new National Executives, he said it should be seen as the first strategic step towards victory in the next general polls. "This is why I believe there will be neither winners nor losers today, because the services of each candidate will remain invaluable to the Party under all circumstances".
President Kufuor said he would respect the decisions of delegates and pledged to work sincerely and whole-heartedly with those elected to advance the cause of the Party, the Government and the nation. "The results today should mark a new beginning of renewal and strength for the Party. They should engender a total focus on 2008 and beyond, including wooing the nation to support of the NPP Government that is the toast of the Sub-Region of West Africa in particular and the international community at large for its decency, humanity and spectacular socio-economic development performance," said.