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08.03.2019 Rejoinder

Rejoinder: Dismiss Ofosu Ampofo’s Alleged Leaked Tape With Contempt – Mahama

By Charles Biney
Rejoinder: Dismiss Ofosu Ampofo’s Alleged Leaked Tape With Contempt – Mahama
LISTEN MAR 8, 2019

Dear Editor, This refers to ex-president Mahama’s statement published by your highly esteemed online network on March 2, 2019.

Mr. Mahama failed to realize there is a monumental crisis of division in the country and wasted an opportunity to say what will bring us together to help find a solution to what is causing the current state of anxiety in the country.

What Elder Ofosu-Ampofo said if not handled properly with dispatch can cause disaffection that will corrode our political culture. His unfortunate statement has vast national security implications, with its attendant unintended consequences, something too grievous for the ex-president to be dismissive of.

The fact of the matter is, one’s political coloration notwithstanding, we have to effectively neutralize the barbarity of those who make such incendiary statements to insidiously stir up hatred and violence, their logic of evil must be countered by promoting love and compassion and not trading boot for boot.

The existential threat to peace and national security in the country cannot be gainsaid. That is why it was incumbent upon ex-president Mahama to have capitalized on the opportunity to rein Elder Ofosu-Ampofo in for making statements that will only encourage marauding gangsters to assault innocent people and our universal values.

Either by accident or design, the ex-president squandered the time by poking fun at the government’s effort to protect the citizenry and make the nation secured by uttering these unfortunate statements:

“Our opponents are good at propaganda and they will come up from time to time with things to distract us. This issue of a [leaked] tape is just a distraction. Dismiss it with the contempt it deserves.” He also added: “ It is only a government that has too much time on its hands because it is not working, that will have time to bug the office of its opponents. We do not have time for that.”

This is nothing but mendacious propaganda spiced with ignoramus et ignorabimus. Firstly, based on accounts of some leaders of the NDC, the recording was leaked by one of their own, to the extent of pointing accusing fingers at some of their ladies because they are dating NPP men. How shameful that is!

What is wrong if the NPP sponsored the espionage that has unearthed such a villainous plot to prosecute sanguinary campaigns with its attendant unmitigated misery on innocent Ghanaians?

Mr. Mahama, with all due respect I would like to submit that counterintelligence is an organic dimension of national security; it’s for this reason that countries invest heavily in that department. I hate to believe it, Mr. Mahama, but you come across as someone who sees the mobilization and deployment of people to protect ballot boxes more important than gathering intelligence to protect the people and save the nation from the carnage.

So far, it is comforting that despite the shenanigans of Mr Mahama and his cohorts, the president is on the right track in the matter, by issuing an unqualified denunciation of the excessive use of force and the brutalization of our fellow citizens at Ayawaso, while constituting a commission of inquiry to give us answers for the whos, whys, whens, whats and hows?

With a sense of common purpose let all party leaders, religious leaders, opinion leaders and stakeholders show our commitment to the president’s initiative to find an amicable means to excise the cancer of vigilantism from our body politic so that we can reap peace dividend years on end.

Charles Biney From my ghetto

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