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03.03.2019 Opinion

Ofosu Ampofo’s Leaked Audio: Can Maame Tiwa Sqeeze The Balls?

By Citizen Kojo Nyame
Ofosu Ampofo’s Leaked Audio: Can Maame Tiwa Sqeeze The Balls?
LISTEN MAR 3, 2019

In recent times, leaking of secretly recorded audios or what have better still become known as leaked tapes, have gradually weaved their way into our political dispensation.

Between the two main glamorous political parties, the NPP and the NDC, such leaks are major tools that they often used to undo the other.

As a matter of fact, leaked tapes are not just highly sensitive but they are also able to dominate the airwaves and become topical discussing matters across the media landscape as and when they happen.

In view of their sensitivity, leaked tapes have become so important to politicians even more than campaign messages contained in their party manifestoes across the political divide.

It is therefore not surprising that the NPP has waged a war on a leaked tape that allegedly contains the voice of Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, chairman of the largest oppositions NDC.

In the said tape, which has since gone viral, Mr. Ampofo is allegedly heard giving his consent to his party members to insult the chairman of the national peace council.

Among other things, Mr. Ampofo could allegedly be heard encouraging his party loyalists to wage a war on the chairperson of the electoral commission, Mrs. Jane Mensah.

The veracity of the said audio is yet to be authenticated by the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police but the usual NPP, NDC antics, are already underway.

Though the NDC’s spokesperson, Mr Sammy Gyenfi has categorically denied the authenticity of the leaked audio adding that it had been doctored, his deputy had ascribed to it.

The contradiction, could perhaps, explain why the communication director of the ruling party, Mr Yaw Buabeng Asamoah quickly took a swipe at Mr Ampofo and further castigated him for the content of the audio at a press conference.

It would not come to me as a surprise if the politicians continue to make huge capital out of the situation with accusations and counter accusations because that have been their stock in trade.

What really bothers me as a citizen, is how the CID would be able to unravel the mystery surrounding the leaked tape, authenticate it and give Ghanaians the true veracity of it.

For the political spectators, they could decide to even swim in the Korli Lagoon but as a citizen, as the president has admonished me to be, I need nothing but the whole truth.

However, it is obvious to underscore that the truth would not come on a silver platter but through proper forensic, analysis, interrogations and other strategies available to the CID.

The biggest question begging for an answer as far as this particular leaked tape is concerned, has been; who would lead the investigations and how sure are we that this time its veracity could be ascertained?

I am just as curious as you are because prior to this audio, we can recall a lot of such audios involving politicians and other persons in high offices that were investigated but they all visited their graves naturally.

Honestly speaking, no leaked audio has been admitted by the persons alleged to have been captured and this is one of the things that usually kill the tapes naturally because we lack expertise on that field.

I could recall leaked audios involving some police officer in a cocaine saga some years back as well as those concerning Messrs Kofi Adams, Yaw Boateng Gyan, Anthony Cabo, Osafo Marfo, Nana Obiri Boahen and Stephen Ntim.

Do you know how any of the few leaked tapes above ended? No matter how hard you try to rack your brains, it would be extremely difficult for you to tell because we are still Ghanaians who only participated in the change of government but not our attitudes.

What makes Mr Ampofo’s leaked tape more dead on arrival at the CID Headquarters is that the head of that department has several questions to answer regarding leaked tapes in this country.

It would be recalled that prior to her becoming the CID Boss, Mrs Maame Tiwa Addo Dankwa was tasked to investigate bribery allegation levelled against two deputy chief of staff by Kwame A Plus, a sympathiser of the NPP.

Maame Tiwa’s investigations exonerated all the two accused chief of staff and further cleared them of any wrong doing but this did not go without a huge controversy.

While some citizens were juxtaposing the outcome of the investigations with the claims by the party insider to draw their conclusions, an alleged leaked tape connected to the issue surfaced.

In the said audio, the current CID Boss was heard allegedly explaining that the facts about the bribery allegations were all truth but they had to be swept under the carpet for the sake of the party.

When this very audio leaked, the police ran left, right and centre to do a lot of damage control due to its gravity and the kind of image it created for the Police Service and the CID in particular.

Police spokeswoman for the Greater Accra Region, DSP Afia Tengi in radio interviews, mentioned that the said conversation was doctored and mischievously edited to suit the interest of the person who recorded it.

She assured that Maame Tiwa would at the appropriate time come out to tell all Ghanaians, spectators and citizens what the original conversation was all about.

Afia Tengi’s sweet assurances notwithstanding, the purported original audio that Maame Tiwa was going to provide for both spectators and citizens to listen to and determine whether the leaked one was doctored or not, is yet to be produced.

Maame Tiwa’s inability to produce the much awaited original audio to justify that someone wickedly edited the leaked one, caused many Ghanaians to question her genuineness, credibility, integrity, fairness, and firmness.

In principle, her inability to produce any other audio to contradict the leaked one meant that she did not have any other one anywhere and that the only audio produced out of her conversation, was the leaked one.

As a citizen, my desire is currently burning to know how the CID Boss, who is a victim of doctored audio would be able to squeeze hard the balls of Mr Ofosu Ampofo to get the necessary facts from him.

I am just thinking aloud that what would be there to be investigated in case Mr Ampofo insists that the audio was criminally doctored just the way Maame Tiwa’s was allegedly done?

Would he be given another opportunity to produce the original one at the appropriate time just as Maame Tiwa requested and promised to do but never did or this time, things would be done differently?

Still thinking aloud as a citizen, may I humbly ask what the position of Maame Tawi would be if Mr. Ampofo asks her to produce the original tape she promised Ghanaians through Afia Tengi before he would speak?

Please Mr president, have you now understood why some citizens agitated when you decided to appoint Maame Tiwa as the boss of the CID even though she was entangled in a leaked audio saga?

Do you think she can have the balls to squeeze Mr. Ampofo’s balls? Obviously, no, should be the answer because women do not have balls.

In fact, a word to the wise must be with us in the south too.

I am a true citizen.

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