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13.12.2005 Regional News

Konkomba, Basare beat war drums

By The Sun
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WAR DRUMS are beaten at the Northern Region and Northern part of Volta Region between Konkomba and Basare farm settlers at Buya near Kpandai in the Krachi distric. At least one person is reported killed with several others injured, THE SUN has learnt. The information from our monitoring desk says several farmers in the area have fleed their villages for fear of their lives.

The paper gathered that if prompt security measures are not taken to nib the situation in the bud calamity in the like of Konkomba and Nanumba war would be on the cards.

When THE SUN reached Mr. Kofi Dzamesi, the Volta Regional Minister on his cell phone last Friday morning he said he was not aware of the news “In fact I have not been informed of what you are telling me, but I will check it,” he said. ACP Kwasi Ofori, Police Public Relations Directorate told the Sun that he was checking the details from the operations commander to ascertain the authenticity of the information but could not get back to the paper before the paper went to bed.

The genesis of the hostilities between the Basare and their neighbours Konkombas was not fully known but a source at trouble spot told THE SUN that it was a certain unfaithful woman who created the problem. The story says some years back a Basare man in the area engaged a lady (name withheld) and during the marriage couple were blessed with a baby girl But years later the couples separated leaving the child to stay with her father .According to the source after years of separation the woman staged a comeback into her matrimonial home this time not for marriage but to request for the release of her daughter.

This request, THE SUN, learnt did not go down well with the girl's father who refused to allow her daughter to be taken away by his ex-wife. The paper learnt that when the lady's request was turned down she approached a Wokpele Chorchoo of Tatale in the Northern region to talk to her ex-husband to allow her daughter to stay with her.

The paper learnt that in approaching the elder to plead on her behalf the woman claimed that her family has consulted oracles and seen some bad omen with the girl and as a result they want to perform some ritual to safeguard the girl's future.

With her claim Wokpele Chorchoo was able to talk to her ex-husband to release the girl to her mother but that was not the case.

As there is a saying goes that woman is the only person who knows the father of her son or daughter when the girl was released to the woman she went to a village at Buya and handed over the girl to one Konkomba settler claiming he was the father of the daughter.

When the ex husband got the wind of what had transpired, a delegation was quickly dispatched to the Wokpele Chorchoo to bring their ward to them. When all efforts made to get the girl relocated at his father's place did not yield any result a complaint was lodged at a police station and as a result a team of policemen were dispatched to the village to get the girl released. At the village the paper learnt the Konkomba farmers refused to release the girl but rather decided to pick bone with the police.

During the hostilities the farmers tried to snatch the police rifle and in the process the gun went off and injured one of them.

The paper gathered that after the police had left the village , some of the Konkomba settlers who were not amused, stormed one of the nearby Basare village to attack them.

When the situation was getting out of control the Basare chief in the area sent two of his sons to rush to town and lodged a complaint.

The paper gathered that while the two were on their way to the police station they were ambushed and attacked which resulted in the killing of the chief's son while the second victim managed to escape with cutlass wounds. Stay tunes for more details

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