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25.02.2019 Feature Article

Is Our Traffic Light Being Monitored

Is Our Traffic Light Being Monitored

When state facilities vandalized or found faulty the only assurance that comes from the government in power is the word a thing of the past. What does it connote when you hear such words from that government in power?

Today I am touching on traffic lights and others. The problem of faulty traffic lights in Ghana has become a canker since not now and needed rapt attention by you and I and the government as a whole.

Traffic lights are supposed to bring sanity on our roads by controlling congestions and motor accidents. And it is somebody’s responsibility to ensure that they are in good condition doomsday or at all times. But are they really being monitored and serving the purpose for which they were mounted?

I have observed that the existing system of routine maintenance has proved to be very expensive, time-consuming and inherently inefficient. These days gruesome accidents do occur during the night due to the absence of street lights and road markings, as well as non-functioning traffic lights.

It is as if we have resigned ourselves to lightless street and drivers always have to perform magic to reach their destinations. Road markings are also allowed to fade so much that drivers need to be very conversant with the roads to use them. As a pensioner country, we cannot hit our chest with proud to attest to the fact that our traffic lights is in good condition for safety destination.

I am appealing to government and other benevolent to ensure that as soon as the bulbs in street lights go off, they are replaced to illuminate all streets and corners all year round. This way our street and traffic lights will help make road markings visible to reduce road carnage and make our roads secure and safe.

Now, I like commuting dawn time with my Toyota Tundra with the registration number EDDIE F and one thing I have realized is that traffic lights normally don’t function at dawn time, unlike daybreak time.

Have you experienced dawn driving whereby both vertical and horizontal traffic lights were blinking simultaneously disco? Hhhhmmmm GHANA FOR YOU.

Edward Frimpong
Edward Frimpong, © 2019

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