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Opinion | Feb 25, 2019

Manasseh Is Ignorant Or Unimaginative: He Blames Every Sanitation Problem On Zoomlion

...As Though Their Occupation Is Waste Generation
By Mashoud Bawa Citizen || Tamale
Manasseh Is Ignorant Or Unimaginative: He Blames Every Sanitation Problem On Zoomlion

Our elders have it that, if you are patient enough you will definitely see the length of the frog when it is dead. William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar said, "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is often interred with their bones”.

Like in the frog’s scenario Manasseh is the frog here, those who didn’t know his hatred and evil tactics against Jospong at the beginning are now fully aware. As time inches Manasseh keeps exposing himself so badly to the public especially on social media that he has lost every grain of respect for him for the sheer malice and evil orchestrations, always inciting the seat of government against a Ghanaian business and man.

When Manasseh decides that it was appropriate for him to attribute every positive initiative and innovation undertaken by Zoomlion Ghana Limited to a negative score, it is definite he meant evil.

When Manasseh concluded that no one should say anything positive about Zoomlion is he not obviously expressing sheer wickedness? Has Manasseh ever changed the saying that the coin has two sides and so has the die four sides and so when telling your story, you tell what is on both or all the sides to inform, educate, entertain and if you like incite?

When Manasseh sits at Multimedia and tries to control other media practitioners not to tell the positive and success stories of Zoomlion and the Jospong Group of Companies and if they do not kowtow he tags them enemies smacks of his satanic orchestrations.  

I am compelled to put this together and recount the things Manasseh said and did against the good things that came the way of Zoomlion and Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong (Jospong) for readers to understand the evil Manasseh’s does which will ever stain his reputation as said by Shakespeare in Julius Caesar.

Manasseh personally hated late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills for commending Jospong/Zoomlion for their good works and opening his doors for collaboration towards solving Ghana’s waste management problems.

He despised H.E. John Dramani Mahama for supporting Jospong to grow and does not lose any opportunity to tell us about how H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor gave Jospong that opportunity to turn this country's waste management agenda around to his (Manasseh’s) robbing the nation tag.

Upon becoming President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his own wisdom visited one of the numerous sanitation projects of Jospong call the Accra Compost and Recycling Plant (ACARP). While addressing the workers of Zoomlion and ACARP, the president urged the Executive Chairman of the JGC to ignore the controversies surrounding his work if he wanted to succeed.

As usual again, Manasseh took the president to the cleaners with an article he titled Akufo-Addo's immoral dance with Jospong and condemned both heavily as though he (Manasseh) decides where the president should go and what he should say. He brutally used unthinkable words to describe the president's actions and handlers for allowing him to visit anything Jospong which speaks clearly to his Machiavellian tactics.

When Imani Africa organised a sanitation forum and made Manasseh, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong and Hon. Joseph Kofi Adda panellists on the discussing table in 2018, Manasseh said he hated Jospong's monopoly but was rightly floured by Jospong over his allegation of corruption on him. Manasseh still even went home and reported negatively against the Jospong companies. It appears the young man suffers permanent amnesia the least I can assume.

When Jospong launched the first batch of 500 new waste trucks in Accra in 2018, Manasseh found his wisdom to write against it describing the move as lies as the trucks were not up to the exact of 500 even though the Executive Chairman of Zoomlion Dr. Agyepong honestly made it clear in his speech that those were the first batch of trucks cleared and registered.

When Ex-President John Jerry Rawlings attended Zoomlion’s Annual Thanksgiving Service as a guest speaker in December 2018 and commended Zoomlion/JGC, Manasseh took to social media and suggested Jospong had bribed Mr. Rawlings too. If bribing people was that easy and cheap let’s ask Manasseh why he hasn’t been bribed by Jospong when it is already even alleged that he approached the businessman and NAM1 for pleasurable offers such as houses, cars and cash? How long can we associate everybody who gets closer to Mr. Agyepong as corrupt Manasseh?

Recently, Zoomlion unveiled 10 mechanized street sweepers, received praises from government appointees such as the sanitation minister, the local government minister, Greater Accra Regional Minister and the Accra Mayor and that one too Manasseh was badly pained and has taken to twitter and facebook to say reiterate that the company signs dubious contracts.

I am happy that social media users met him with disapproval. They saw the wickedness, the malice, the diabolic efforts perpetrated by Manasseh to tarnish the enviable image of Jospong and Zoomlion.

They told him he is wicked, he is a liar, he is satanic and doesn't want others to progress.

But if indeed Jospong signs dubious contracts as Manasseh wants us to believe with the state, has he not lost the fight by misdirecting his energies to Jospong who represent his business interest in terms of finances on one hand and solving problems which were supposed to be solved by the state in the interest of the people?

Yes, Manasseh should direct that his accusation of dubious contracts to the agents of the state such as directors, ministers and deputies of the state to be meticulous when signing contracts because Jospong doesn’t represent Ghanaians in any contract, it is the agents of the state who represent the people and must defend them. If the contract is dubious and the state signs without arms and it is executed the only thing left to be done is for the state to pay, didn’t Manasseh attend a law lecture at the Ghana Institute of Journalism or the University of Ghana, Legon? Isn’t this basic commercial law?

Many will ask, what does Manasseh want from Jospong but I know he has a phobia against monopolies, monopolies of Ghanaian origin especially those for the Jospong family. Otherwise, he must have a problem with multimedia group’s monopoly too.

Manasseh is one of the people who believe that when the road is unclean it means Zoomlion is not working. He is one who believes that once you pay your taxes you have no business caring about waste management or disposal. Indeed, he said he will not be part of any cleanup exercise by the state or anyone because he pays taxes. Isn’t that ridiculous coming from a graduate who benefited from our taxes? In fact, that is unGhanaian. What is he teaching the young ones? He repeated this at the Imani Africa forum at the British Council.

Manasseh has the avenue (media) and the locust to admonish and educate Ghanaians not to litter the environment, the opportunity to urge if not compel the law enforcement agencies and the MMDAs to enforce the laws to ensure that Ghanaians are disciplined enough not to litter the environment. If a journalist of his stature decides that he will not live by example for his followers to emulate what kind of citizen should we call that one?

Instead of Manasseh a so-called good citizen to help Zoomlion fight the waste menace, he sits back, takes a position against the good works and only what he is known for doing is bastardization, malice, lies and bad wishes all over the place against the only giant in the waste industry, Zoomlion and other subsidiaries of the Jospong Group of Companies.

Manasseh should know that nothing done in the dark stays there. Ghanaians are already aware of what he is doing. When waste management was not a lucrative business, your boss Mr. Kwesi Twum was doing media, if he wants to come into the waste management business, he doesn’t necessarily have to use bootlickers like you to destroy the JGC unbeatable records of a continuous and progressive solution driven actions agenda.

Indeed, the Moroccans can come as he is busy working to bring them but it will be very impossible if not deadly to think that you can break Jospong. The brand is a God protected the brand and the earlier you get that the better for us all.

You may think you are doing anything good but I am telling you that you are being wicked, you are perpetrating evil. Remember what William Shakespeare said against your kind "The evil that men do lives after them”.

Your size and length is revealing faster even before your death. Live as a good Christian and God will give you your own, don’t envy people unjustifiably.

A word to the wise ….

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