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Opinion | Feb 23, 2019

WordDigest: Overcome Your Weakness

WordDigest: Overcome Your Weakness

"Delilah realized that he had finally told her the truth, so she sent for the five Philistine leaders. "Come just this once more," she said, "for this time he has told me everything." So they brought the money with them. She lulled him to sleep with his head in her lap, and they brought in a barber and cut off his hair. Delilah began to hit him, but she could see that his strength was leaving him. Then she screamed, "The Philistines are here to capture you, Samson!" And he woke up and thought, "I will do as before; I'll just shake myself free." But he didn't realize that the Lord had left him. So the Philistines captured him and gouged out his eyes and took him to Gaza, where he was bound with bronze chains and made to grind grain in the prison"

[Judges 16:18-21] Living Bible

Samson has been chosen and consecrated by God to deliver the Israelites from the Philistine's control. Howbeit strong as he was, had a weakness after his sexual involvement with Delilah.

Delilah bait Samson with her romantic words and when Samson finally told his source of power; which was his seven braided hairs untouched and cut since birth, she signaled the Philistine and Samson was captured and tortured.

Our weaknesses in life gives the wicked a chance to execute its game plan against us. Until and unless we tackle our weaknesses, they have the potential of destroying everything.

Giving the Devil a slightest chance, it can make use of any weakness as a tool against anyone.

How do we address our weaknesses?

We have to identify our weaknesses and then depend on God through Christ Jesus to strengthen us fight and win every weakness.

You can overcome your weakness when you trust God than your self involvements.

God bless you.


Father in heaven, thank you for the grace lavishly poured out on all to overcome every weakness now and forever in Jesus' name, Amen.

✍ Rev EZ

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