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Opinion | Feb 23, 2019

Mr. Speaker Where Was John?

Mr. Speaker Where Was John?

The curtains had been drawn down but inside and outside the courtyard, it was still busy.

Around Goldcity, near Job 600, close to upscale Kempiski hotel and a few blocks to the yet-to-be-built Ghana's National Cathedral --everythin' and anythin' that happens in that enclave arouses not just super interest but also raises eyebrows.

Why ?
Don't forget, Rome was the matrix of western civilisation. Matrix is that which gives origin or form to a thing or which serves to enclose it.

My dear readers, let me remind you that we're still in Accra-- the capital city of Ghana. Four scores ago, this nation gave birth to four Johns.

And years later, one by one, all four would rule Ghana under the Fourth Republic.

John the first is--'Jerry John Rawlings (1992-2000).John the second is-John Agyekum Kuffour (200-22008)

John the third is the late John Atta Mills(2008--July 2012)

And last but not least John the fourth is John Dramani Mahama (2012- 2016).

Need I remind you that the birds and the butterflies haven't ceased to fly in this beautiful nation with its beautiful people..

And in the jungle, grasslands and wetlands the elephants, the lions and the hippos still thrive.

Our cities don't go to bed.
They're harassed day in day out.
Galamsayers have troubled our water bodies, unfortunately. The tro-tros still

trot the tree-lined streets like bees.
I hope you're still with me.
Don't mistake Accra for Venice or biblical Antioch.

In twos, in threes and in groups they gathered and chattered. People were peopling everywhere.

At the foyer dignitaries also gathered, while the cameras hounded them.

Click , click-- the cameras' eye glowed.
The paparazzi love this atmosphere...their cameras love glamour and glitz.

By morrow the tabloids and the broadsheets will be saturated with gossips, controversies and iconic photos. Photos that would spark another controversy.

Vigorously, they combed around as though something had snuck their lenses.

Did they really miss a spot?
If they did, then they'd have to retreat and recover.They'd have to go back and redo it all 'er. Or better still pan their camera eyes like a camel on heat.

Keep in mind where tiger (krotwamansa) sits to catch breeze, no member of the deer family ventures.

So where was John?
Where did he go that he missed out at the group photograph?

Did he stay till the end of the event?
Maybe be wasn't sitting pretty at the venue.
The 'Venue'?
Where's that?
The Parliament House--tucked deep in the Goldcity enclave near the Black Star Square.

Maybe he excused himself to attend to a more pressing assignment.

Maybe they didn't ask him to join them.
Or just maybe, it was the Murphy's law that took the centre stage.

The Murphy's law is the imagined law of nature that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

I've been asked a thousand times why former John Mahama is missing out in a group photograph that featured-- President Akufo Addo and the first Lady Rebecca, Vice President Bawumia and the Second Lady Samira, the Speaker of Parliament Mike Ocqueye and his spouse, former President John Rawlings and former first Lady Nana Konadu.

I assume the lady that stood next to Mr. Rawlings might be the chief of staff.

But conspiciously missing in that iconic photograph is John the 4th.

May I submit that John the 2nd wasn't at the SONA event at all, thus his case is different.

So I put it to you -- Mr. Speaker
Where Was John?
It reminds me of the 10 lepers story in the New Testament book.

Only Apostle Luke features the story of 10 lepers in his book. Maybe he did so because Luke is believed to be a physician.

The other disciples did not.
The lepers encounter with Jesus results in their healing. And Jesus asks them to show themselves to a priest. Out of the 10 only one returns to thank Jesus and show gratitude.

Out of many, we're one.

Gordon Offin-Amaniampong
Gordon Offin-Amaniampong, © 2019

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