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12.12.2005 Football News

I bet my car on Ghana

By Ahi Riihilahti (The Times England)
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My prophecy: Italy will win their games either 1-0 or draw 0-0 and go through with the minimum of effort. The Czech Republic are an honest and effective team and the other one from this tough group that we can probably see plenty of in the later stages because both of these are masters at producing results.

It is not really a brave guess, we have seen this so many times before. However, Ghana and the United States are more unknown qualities that have shown some impressive football lately. I love the World Cup because you see different kinds of approaches to the game and we can learn other ways to play and live football than the European one. Plus, I have to keep an eye on Ghana. If they win the World Cup, it will be the District Line for me. I normally only do betting when I order a Chinese takeaway, but I got involved in banter I can't now back off from.

A car-cleaning specialist at my local gym swore in the name of his native country and we started debating about the group. Before I knew it, I left the conversation realising I had just promised to give him my car if Ghana wins the World Cup. I have nothing against that except that I'm not a big fan of public transport.

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