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Opinion | Feb 21, 2019

SONA 2019: The President's Statements On Disbandment Of Militia Groups, A Commitment Or Slogan?

Amoakohene Frank
President Akufo-Addo
President Akufo-Addo

In the President's presentation of the State of the Nation address today, he called for the voluntary disbandment of Militia groups by political parties.

The President also indicated an intention to initiate for legislation to see an end to political Vigilantism should voluntary disbandment fail on the side of the political parties.

These intentions from the President of course sound reassuring towards our collective quest to end political Vigilantism in Ghana.

But in alarming precedence, we have witnessed a Government that has integrated their Militia boys (Invincible and Delta Forces) into National Security, who are given weapons just with an agenda to terrorize political opponents.

Is the President and his Government just on an agenda to force opposition political parties to disband their Militia groups whilst his party integrates theirs into the National Security?

Of course, then that would be no commitment towards ending political Vigilantism and Violence. It is just an instance of "Adanko daadaa adwei".

That would only mean a promotion and legislation of Political Vigilantism instead of a commitment to solving the crisis.

I would expect the NPP Government to first vomit their hoodlums from the national security, and rather empower the Ghana Police, CID, BNI, etc beyond partisanship then we know we're getting somewhere.

Until then, all these statements on disbanding Militia groups are just an addition to the usual slogans.

The National Security is now a rewarding hub for vigilante groups until further notice.

A sad reality for Ghana.

#Amoakohene Frank

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