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Feb 21, 2019 | Poem

Africa Leaders, Give Us Education Not Schooling

By Shadrack Oteng
Africa Leaders, Give Us Education Not Schooling

Give us education that translates into new discoveries

Not education based on outdated theories

Give us education that teaches us how to think

But not that which with our future has no link

Give us education that develops critical thinkers

Not that which make us examination writers

Give us education that is in consonance with our culture

Not that which exposes us to foreign ridicule and torture.

Give us education that teaches Africanism

Not that which teaches all forms of "meaninglessisms"

Give us education that connect us to the rest of the world

Not that which makes it difficult to get our daily bread.

There are many energetic youngsters in our streets

Because our education could not lift them from their feet.

Many gifted has become useless

Because our education is clueless

Many of our talented has become failures

Because our education is quite aimless.

Africa, wake up to the global reality

That in the 21st century, education is security.

Voice of an Africanist

Shadrack Oteng (Poet-Shaddy)

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