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20.02.2019 Letter

Commission Of Inquiry Should Invite Kennedy Agyapong And Sofo Azorka To Testify

By Sulemana Issifu
Commission Of Inquiry Should Invite Kennedy Agyapong And Sofo Azorka To Testify
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ACCRA – GHANA Dear Sir, Invite Kennedy Agyapong And Sofo Azorka To Give Testimony

I am a Ghanaian citizen who lives in Germany. As part of my civic duties imposed on me by the constitution, I am supposed to assist the State in making Ghana safe for all citizens.

It is in this light that I write to your esteemed Commission which is investigating the AWW by-election violence and its associated issues, to assist the commission to the best of my ability to get to the bottom of the issue.

In relation to your inquiry, one major issue which has come up strongly and has befuddled many Ghanaians is the issue of ‘vigilantism’. Many Ghanaians and security experts of repute have raised concerns about the danger that looms if ‘political vigilantism’ is not stemmed. Without a doubt, I believe this matter has come to your notice owing to its ubiquitous nature. My contention is that the Commission has the power to investigate this matter under point c of your terms of reference.

Sir, I am through this memorandum, drawing the Commission’s attention to two people whom in my opinion, are very seminal in the operations of vigilante groups in Ghana owing to their own public utterances.

  1. Mr Kennedy Agyapong, MP, Assin Fosu Central

He has openly endorsed the brutal vigilante groups, Delta Force and Invisible Force and called the bluff of the State to touch members of the group. He has further mentioned that he is a financier of the groups. Please find the links below

  1. Sofo Azorka, NDC Chairman, Northern Region

He is the brain behind Azorka Boys, a pro-NDC vigilante group which he has publicly claimed ownership of. Please find the links below

I am of the firm belief that if these two: Mr Kennedy Agyapong and Mr Sofo Azorka are subpoenaed to appear before you, they will be able to assist your Commission to unravel the mystery behind vigilantism and how to end it.

It is my fervent hope that my memorandum will be duly considered.

Thank you. Yours in service for God and Country, S. I. Tel: +4915217593128 Email: [email protected]

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